Saturday 10 January 2015

Thoughts unshared.

Whilst having a blog may be a contradiction, I have always been a private sort of person.

I have always struggled to share my true feelings and talk to people about my thoughts, worries and concerns.
I tend to bottle it all up.

From the days of my dark depression I have TRIED to be better at getting things off my chest and not bottle up all my emotions until I break down completely.

This is easier said than done for someone who instinctively paints a smile on her face and keeps her worries to herself.

I have found writing helps.

Since starting this blog I have written many posts on my thoughts and worries.

Most posts written about my inner most thoughts have been thoughts unshared.

But the simple act of putting pen to paper – or fingers to keyboard – and letting out my inner most thoughts and worries has helped keep me sane and keep the darkness at bay.

Writing helps me and even if my thoughts remain unshared forever it is a positive release for me and a step towards being a more open person that no longer keeps her worries and thoughts bottled up or has to paint a fake smile on her face when she is crumbling inside.

This year I hope to focus on the positive and open up more.

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