Thursday 8 January 2015

Taste Inc Microwaveable Snacks - review.

Here at Taste Inc. we want to seriously shake up microwave snacking to deliver an incredible-tasting experience for kids and adults alike. Our range of healthy quick and easy microwave snacks includes subs, microwave burgers, hot dog and baguettes has been developed to taste incredible. Ready in just 90 seconds in the microwave, all Taste Inc. products in the range contain fewer than 500 calories, so what are you waiting for? Open, Heat and Eat. It’s incredibly simple!

When we were offered the chance to try a selection of Taste Inc. microwaveable snacks Lee was more than happy to be chief taster and try out the snacks.

Taste Inc. range of microwaveable currently includes 15 different products –
* Fish fillet burger
* The original hot dog
* Tex-mex chicken sandwich
* Southern fried chicken sub
* Smoky BBQ ribsteak
* Piri piri chicken sandwich
* Ham & cheese melt
* Flamin’ chicken sandwich
* Flame seared meatball ciabatta
* Flame grilled quarter pounder burger
* Whole breast chicken sandwich
* Chicken & chorizo baguette
* BBQ chicken sandwich
* Cajun chicken sandwich
* Southern fried chicken sandwich
* Sweet & smoky jerk chicken sandwich

All of the snacks in the range can be cooked in under 90 seconds and contain less than 500 calories. The snacks come in a plastic container with the bun/bread, meat and sachet/s of sauce included in the pack. All relevant information including cooking instructions, serving suggestions, ingredients, nutritional information, storage guidelines, allergy advice and use by date is showcased on the packaging.

For this taste challenge Lee tried the following Taste Inc. microwaveable snacks -
* The original hot dog in a soft roll with ketchup and mustard
* Whole Breast Chicken sandwich with mayo
* Flame grilled quarter pounder with cheese and tomato ketchup
* Whole Breast Sweet & Smokey BBQ Chicken sandwich with smoky BBQ sauce

The snacks are really very easy to make and live up to Taste Inc.’s description of snacks that are quick and easy to make  -  “open, heat and eat”.

The snacks are a decent size and Lee found that they cooked well, with the snack being warmed through thoroughly and the bun staying soft. Lee thought that they were tasty and satisfied his hunger pangs.

We appreciate the fact that all of the snacks clearly feature the calories on the front of the packaging and that the chicken based snacks are made with 100% whole chicken breast fillets. It is also very handy that all of the snacks come with sachets of sauce to add to the snack once cooked, making the snacks ideal for taking with you to work etc. where you have access to a microwave but don’t have any sauces available to add to your food.

It is a shame that the picture of the snacks on the packaging make the snacks look more appealing than perhaps they are in reality, with the snacks being picture with salad. Whilst I realise you can prepare the snacks with salad if you want I do like food to appear as they would with the ingredients provided rather than with extra ingredients you would have to get in addition to the snack.

Taste Inc.’s microwaveable snacks are great for people on the go or people like Lee who want a quick, warm snack to enjoy at work when busy and stuck for time. A big bonus for Lee is the vast range of products available in the range of Taste Inc. microwaveable snacks; the large range is great for providing choice and variety but not so good if you are a vegetarian considering they are meat heavy snacks.

Whilst the snacks are not something Lee would eat everyday they are handy at times and great for Lee to have a warm snack quickly when busy with work.  Priced at just below £2 or less if on offer (stocked at Morrisons) they are good value for money and the 7+ days shelf life on them can be a bonus too if you fancy stocking up on microwaveable snacks.

Do you buy microwavable snacks?

Have you tried Taste Inc. microwaveable snacks? What did you think, do you have a favourite? 

* We were sent Taste Inc. products in return for this review *


  1. I haven't tried these before....What a fab range....I didn't realise there were so may to choose from....

    1. I hadn't even heard of them before let alone realised the vast range they do......lots of choice!