Thursday 8 January 2015

Amethyst Quartz Gemstone pendant necklace – Modern Vintage Style.

As I love jewellery I was delighted when I sent a gorgeous Amethyst Quartz Gemstone Pendant from Modern Vintage Style.

Modern Vintage Style sell a lovely selection of original vintage and designer jewellery, as well as new handmade gemstone jewellery that are inspired by vintage style. With over 30 years’ experience in vintage jewellery and antique dealing Modern Vintage Style vintage team carefully source the best quality vintage jewellery including costume and designer jewellery from Antique Auctions, Fairs and Private Collections from all over Britain.

The necklace comes in a lovely black presentation box and is carefully wrapped in purple tissue paper.

The pendant comes with a delicate sterling silver Figaro chain which measure approximately 42cm long and connects to the chain thanks to the sterling silver pendant bail. The pendant is a gorgeous faceted amethyst quartz gemstone that measures approximately 3.6cm x 1.4cm. 

The necklace sits quite high on me, close to being a choker as I have a large neck but for people with a slender neck it would hang a little lower. I like that the chain is delicate, as it is quite thin it does not draw attention away from the gorgeous gemstone instead it subtly complements the beautiful gemstone.

The purple quartz pendant is a stunning colour, it is a gorgeous deep purple in some lights whilst being a transparent purple in other lights. The faceted cut of the gemstone helps the gemstone reflect light, giving the gemstone a shimmering appearance that changes the depth of the purple colour and makes the gemstone pendant truly eye-catching.

Priced at £38.00 I think the necklace is great value for money and is a lovely day-to-day necklace as well as being a lovely statement piece for special occasions. I think this necklace would make a lovely gift as would any of the other gorgeous piece of jewellery featured on the Modern Vintage Style website. Modern Vintage Style have a wide range of jewellery covering a variety of styles, colours and price perfect for an assortment of tastes and budgets.

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