Wednesday 4 February 2015

Putting the sparkle back into your smile with Sensu.

We all know it is important to look after your teeth for health reasons and to avoid dental issues. Not only can teeth with dental issues and poor dental health cause problems for your oral health, they can also cause issues with the look of your teeth.

Discoloured, stained, poorly positioned and crooked teeth can all have an effect on the aesthetics of your teeth and can cause some people to feel very embarrassed and conscious of how they look when they smile.

But fear not if your teeth are not up to ‘Hollywood dazzling white and super straight’ standard and you dread giving a big smile as your teeth will be on show, Sensu are at hand to help you get the smile that you deserve.

At their London dental studio, Sensu offer a vast range of the latest cosmetic dental, facial rejuvenation and teeth straightening techniques along with routine dentistry treatments. Thanks to their range of dental treatments and decades of experience in oral health and facial aesthetics Sensu will get you smiling once again with a smile to be proud of.

If it’s slightly crooked teeth that is putting sadness in your smile and knocking your confidence to smile proudly then Sensu’s Invisalign Lite treatment can help.

Invisalign Lite is for patients with minor orthodontic issues such as –
* Slightly crooked teeth
* Minor crowding
* Minor spacing between teeth
* Poorly positioned teeth

Like Invisalign treatment which is aimed at patients with more serious orthodontic issues such as severe crooked teeth that requires a longer period of treatment and more aligners to correct the issues than minor orthodontic issues, Invisalign Lite is a modern and innovative orthodontic system.

Invisalign and Invisalign Lite are ground-breaking teeth straightening treatments which consist of wearing a custom-made clear brace system which is inconspicuous. Thanks to the clear plastic aligners which are used to straighten teeth you don’t have to worry about unsightly fixed braces which may put you off having treatment.

So if you want to straighten up your smile so you can smile confidently take a look at Sensu’s Invisalign or Invisalign Lite treatment which is not only effective but also discreet. The treatment they provide is so good that they are Diamond Accredited Invisalign Providers!

And if crooked or poorly positioned teeth are not your problem and you do not need your teeth straightened but have other dental issues causing you oral health problems or making you not want to smile then take a look at all the other treatments that Sensu provide.

Let Sensu help you get a long lasting, beautiful smile that you will be proud to show off as smile.

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