Monday 2 February 2015

My First Home Competition.

I must admit I do enjoy taking part in competitions especially ones where Bug can get involved, so when we were recently invited by Keepmoat to take part in their competition exclusively for bloggers and their children we could not resist accepting.

For their My First Home competition Keepmoat want to know what it is the children taking part love, or loved, the most about their first home. To showcase what they love the children are encourage to tell Keepmoat about their favourite spaces around the house or favourite memories of their first home by taking photographs and/or creating a video.

To help Bug show them what makes his house a home, and show why he loves his home, Keepmoat sent him a VTech Kidizoom Camera to help him do a tour of his home.

Whilst admittedly where we live is not Bug’s first home and he does remember his first old home, he is a little too young to be able to describe and reiterate what he loved about his first old home in a video so we took to this task with the view of what Bug loves about his first pink, town based home having previously lived in the countryside on a farm in a brown house as he likes to tell people.

As Bug has recently taken a real interest in his home, often telling us what he likes about his pink house, the task of capturing what he loves about his home was one relished especially as it allowed him to play with his new, fun camera.

Whilst Bug is a little techno-whiz he is a still a little young to have mastered the art of creating a video tour, telling viewers what he loves about his home in a broadcaster style, so he instead captured what he loves about his home in photographs instead. He had particular fun making use of the camera’s stickers, fun frames and special effects when taking his photographs.

For his first photograph Bug wanted to take a picture of our doorbell. Bug loves that we have a doorbell in this house that rings throughout when we have visitors; he gets particularly excited when he is expecting our family or his friends to visit, knowing when the bell rings that they have arrived!

Whilst it may not be his favourite colour (which is currently red – hence the red-ish tint he added to the photograph) Bug always loves to declare that his house is pink, in his opinion making the house not a boring colour like brown or white. He also loves that our house has a number, all of which he has learnt so he knows his house colour, number and street name.

One of the things Bug loves about his home is that it has a mantelpiece in the sitting room where he has on display his beloved Transformers masks so that they can keep guard of his home when not being played with.

Bug was super keen to photograph his special display wall in the sitting room where we showcase his art and craft creations, along with anything important Bug has made or loves that he wants to put on the wall.

Being a water baby who loves nothing more than splish splashing in the bath and playing with his huge collection of bath toys, Bug could not resist taking a photograph of his “weird shaped” bath and then adding a bubble-tastic stamp and blue tint to his photograph.

As Bug is a little adventurer and climber at heart he loves that we have a home with stairs which he can climb up to his fun, toy-filled bedroom.

A new addition to our home that Bug loves is his shelf with comic-hero print toy boxes courtesy of Mamgu where he can stash his favourite toys, with the boxes being declared a ‘no mummy allowed space’ which he has highlighted and reminded me about with his photograph frame.

One of Bug’s favourite places to lie down on to colour, draw or read a book is on his super soft and very friendly tiger.

Being a little softy at heart who in the midst of being superhero mad and a tough little boy loves teddies, Bug turned his much-loved Fire Engine tent into a home for his huge collection of teddies.

Bug also had to take a photograph of one of his favourite spaces in his bedroom, his kitchen where he loves creating tasty meals and yummy delights for his friends and family to devour.

No collection of photographs of Bug’s beloved spaces in his home would be complete without his ‘home in a home’. Being a very lucky boy who was treated to a playhouse in his big bedroom, Bug gets to play house in his bedroom.


After a day of fun, play and adventures Bug loves nothing more than snuggling in his super cosy bed with a teddy or three!

Bug had lots of fun capturing the spaces he loves in his home with the fun VTECH Kidizoom Camera, all of which will be a great way to remember his home in years to come with his memories being captured in his photographs.

To complement Bug’s photographs here is a little vide0 (sorry for the not so great quality) with a few random thoughts about his home.

Disclosure: This is an entry into the Keepmoat My First Home Competition for the chance to win a £250 Toys R Us voucher. Bug was sent a VTech Kidizoom Camera to enable us to complete this post.

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