Monday 16 March 2015

Children and the battle to eat healthy food.

Nourishing your children can be a tricky task at times with so many sugary snacks and junk foods being so easily accessible. However, these primary years are the best time to teach your children about optimum nutrition in order to equip them with this knowledge for the rest of their lives. When we encourage our children to make positive choices when it comes to their meals, we are helping them to grow and giving them a taste for foods which will help their bodies and their minds to develop properly.

One of the biggest problems with getting children to eat healthy foods is that they are often opposed to the way these foods taste. That’s not to say that all healthy foods don’t taste good but rather that children might not find them palatable! Finding ways to make healthy foods look and taste appealing to children is a great way to encourage them to eat them.

Julie Montagu is one mum who is striving to do exactly this for her kids and has come up with a way to get children excited about cabbage! By mashing the cabbage down and mixing it with just a handful of other ingredients, Julie has created a dish that serves as breakfast or lunch and can even just be eaten throughout the day as a snack. Click here to check out her Cabbage and Raisin Mash

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