Sunday 8 March 2015

If sofa’s could talk.

I am sure if your sofa could talk it would say a thousand words. The amount of stories your sofa could tell would be vast after all it would have witnessed over years of loyal service in your home.

With sofas being central in many homes, being at the heart of family life they would have witnessed so much throughout its lifetime. If you think about it your sofa will have witnessed so many events in your life.

It has been there offering you a comforting seat as you have watched countless hours of TV shows and films, and been there with you as you have been on the edge of your seat watching a crucial match or been passionately playing a game on your console. It will have offered open arms and been a temporary bed as you have had forty winks. It will have witnessed kisses, cuddles, arguments, tears and so much more!

I know our sofa will have witnessed so much over the years and have so many stories to tell if it could talk.

Our tatty old but much loved sofa has seen and been through so much. It was the first sofa that Lee and I bought together. It offered up it comfy seats for me to snuggle on as I had cuddles with Lee watching films before inevitably falling asleep half way through the film when pregnant with Bug.

It has been at the heart of our family since we bought home our first child from the hospital. Our snug sofa was where I set up a breastfeeding nest and enjoyed so many cwtches with my little baby. It has witnessed many of Bug’s milestones such as his first words, his first steps and the first time he built a tower out of blocks.

Our sofa also made the trek with us as we moved house, putting up with being humped and moved around before being put in a van as we travelled the miles to our new home where it was given its new spot in our house, being central to our new family home.

Not only as our sofa witnessed the joys of baby life but as Bug as grown it has witnessed and put up with his big boy boisterous ways. It has witnessed countless hours of children’s TV, mopped up split drinks, hidden toys and has had paint and muddy handprints smeared all over it to name but some of the chaos thrown at it.

I thank our sofa being a source of comfort after a hard day, for putting up with so much turmoil and for being a central part of our family life…..all the while sticking with us and lasting through it all.

Whilst our sofa has done us proud as it is getting very old and tired now we have been thinking of giving it some peace and letting it step down from its service for a new sofa to take its place.

As our fabric sofa has struggled to cope with Bug’s paint and craft splattering, muddy handprints and drink spills we are looking at getting at a leather sofa as it will be easier to clean and durable to put up with our chaotic family life.

We love this gorgeous Astor Corner Sofa perfect for cuddling on with my loved ones after a long day and with plenty of room for the whole family along with a few friends and family too.

And if money was no problem I would also love to have a luxurious sofa in our spare living room, a ‘grown-up’ sofa for snuggling on with a good book. My dream sofa is this stunning classically designed Vicenza sofa from sofa specialists Newman and Bright.

I look forward to putting a new sofa through its paces over the years and give it a few stories to tell if it could talk of what it has witnessed in our family home.

If your sofa could talk what stories would it tell?

* This is a collaborative post *

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