Friday 6 March 2015

The cost of your dream wedding - Wedding Cost Calculator.

Even though it feels as if Lee and I are married, we are yet to tie the knot. We have been engaged for over 4 happy years now, but I am yet to have a wedding ring join my engagement ring. We would love to finally get married one day and I have often dreamed about getting married to my true love, but unfortunately it has never been the right time to plan our wedding.

There always seems to be one thing or another preventing us from getting married. Perhaps some could argue that there is always something going on to get in the way but for us it has not been the right time to get married. A month after we got engaged we found out we were expecting Bug and we decided the expense of a wedding was not one we needed at that time, deciding to concentrate on the happy time of making a family together and using the money we would have spent on a wedding on our new baby instead. Then over the years there has been the cost of moving house, new jobs, deaths in the family and now a new addition to our family all putting our wedding on hold.

The sad truth is that money, a lack of money that is, is the main reason why we have yet to get married. Weddings are expensive. Big white weddings with all the extras are extremely expensive. Even though a big white wedding is not our idea of a dream wedding for us, the cost of having our dream wedding always seems to be out of our reach. Whilst getting married on a budget is possible, even the money needed for a budget wedding has been needed for another reason before we manage to get as far into planning our wedding by having everything paid for and booked.

As we still hope to get married, hopefully in the near future and things are going well for us of late, our thoughts have once again turned to thinking about getting married and planning our dream wedding. To help us figure out where it is possible for us to afford our dream wedding I have been using an extremely useful wedding cost calculator created by Everyday Loans.

The wedding cost calculator is simple to use. By answering a few questions about the type of wedding you want, such as where do you want the service and what entertainment do you want at the reception, you can find out how much it could realistically cost you to have your dream wedding.

The calculator looks at a variety of things such as venue choice, the reception, how many guests attending, wedding rings and entertainment. Once you have completed the questions the calculator will not only show you the total of your ideal wedding but it will also show a breakdown of individual prices. As the calculator uses the average cost for all options if you know that any of the individual prices are different you can easily edit it so that the true cost is reflected in your total.

Once you have calculated the cost of your dream wedding you can share the results on facebook or email them to yourself, your partner or a friend.

Did you calculate a budget for your wedding? Did you manage to stick to your budget?

Why not use the calculator to find out the cost of your dream wedding, I’d love to know how much your ideal wedding would cost!

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