Friday 6 March 2015

Precious memories - #safestoreyourmemories memory box.

I am a sentimental soul. I have a number of memory boxes filled to bursting with bits and bobs that mean a lot to me, items that have a precious memory connected to them from a special event in my life or a loved one. I am so sentimental that I keep everything to the point that Lee calls me a hoarder!

As I am so sentimental and have a number of memory boxes when SafeStore got in touch with me about their #safestoreyourmemories competition where bloggers were invited to decorate a memory box and then share the memories stored within their memory box, I just had to take part as the competition was perfect for sentimental, hoarding me.

When I decorated the memory box from SafeStore I enlisted the help of my creative little son. As we love to craft together and he in the centre of my life it made complete sense that he would help style the memory box where many memories connected to him would sure to end up.

In my fun and colourful memory box decorated by the fair hand of Bug I selected a variety of precious items that have cherished memories connected to them, some memories from years gone by and some memories more recent.

Memories of Mamgu
As I was very close to my Mamgu (grandmother) who is sadly no longer with us I think of any items connected to her as precious treasure. Two of my favourite treasures of my Mamgu is a little grandmother book that I gave to her in the last year of her life and a charming little cows bell she gifted to me after a holiday in Switzerland.

Memories of past family
I love keepsakes from years ago so had to include these old postcards and photographs connected to my family that have been passed down to me from generations ago, some connected to loved ones I have personally know and some from family members before my time.

Memories of the wise and old
Another big influence in my life who is no longer with us was my great-great-great aunt who we used to visit every school holiday. Along with a dear photograph of my wise and old aunt I also cherish a few cute little books that she gave to me that inspired my love of the written word.

Memories of turning 18
This cork is from my 18th birthday party and brings to life the memories of the time surrounding when I turned 18 and also the fun memories of the party itself.

Memories of dating
I have included a few trinkets connected to when Lee and I first got together, ticket stubs and the such like that bring back memories of loved-up dates together in the first blossoming days of our relationship.

Memories of saying yes
This treasured pebble from a beach adorned with Lee’s declaration of his love for me brings back precious memories of the day he proposed to me and I said yes, with this stone being one he brought back to decorate with our names and the date on the other side from the spot on the beach where he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

Memories of my precious bling
Along with the memory of Lee’s proposal of memory another big item that brings the memory of that day to life is the ring box that he presented to me with my engagement ring in when he got down on one knee.

Memories of Lee’s childhood
As we are a family whilst Lee is not as sentimental as me with collecting items that bring back memories he does have a few precious items to him including this cute little elephant named Timba that he has had since he was a child from his dear nan who is sadly no longer with us.

Memories of pregnancy
Meeting Lee then starting a family is so precious to me that I cherish all items connected to starting my own family.

I cherish the pregnancy tests that showed we were blessed with a little bean inside of me starting to grow.

I love the little pregnancy datebooks I have filled with little details and dates connected to pregnancy.

I also treasure all the scan pictures and precious 4D video I have showing our bundle of love growing throughout pregnancy.

Memories of becoming a family
I vividly remember the moment Bug entered the World and we became a family. Some of the items I treasure from that time include the hospital bands we had from our time there for the birth.

Memories of baby Bug
Again many items evoke memories of baby Bug with his first ever teddy bear being one that brings back memories of him tiny as an adorable newborn.

Memories of my first Mother’s Day
Bug was born a mere few days before Mother’s Day, the best gift I could have ever asked for. I cherish the butterfly that came in a beautiful bouquet of flowers I had from him (with a little help from daddy) for my first Mother’s Day.

Memories of special days
Being very sentimental I have always kept cards gifted to me from loved ones so it was only natural to me that I wanted to include a few treasured cards in this memory box, cards from Bug and loved ones marking special occasions such as my first Mother’s Day and the day I got engaged.

Memories of milestones and achievements
I am such a proud mummy that I cannot help myself from keeping mementoes of Bug’s milestones and achievements, treasuring items such as certificates.

Memories of my little family
I love my little family and especially cherish the memories of special times with them. As I love the memories I have of time with my little family I have a number of keepsakes from days out and special times shared together.

I cannot wait to add more memories and treasured items to this box of the years so that when I am old and grey I can look back at my life with cherished items in hand to evoke memories dear to me.

Are you sentimental?

What would you put in a memory box?

* This is my entry into the Safe Store Ltd #safestoreyourmemories blogger competition *

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