Monday 30 March 2015

Thomas and Friends Wooden Toys - Tic Tac Toe and Wooden Dominoes & Track Puzzle.

When I was a child I loved watching Thomas and Friends, fast forward a little over 25 years and Thomas is once again part of my life as he now delights and entertains Bug who loves watching Thomas and his friends have lots of adventures.

As a fan of Thomas, Bug was thrilled to receive some new wooden Thomas and Friends preschool games from Flair.

We were sent the Thomas and Friends Dominoes Track Puzzle and the Thomas and Friends Tic Tac Toe game from the new range of wooden Thomas and Friends games to review.

Both of the sets are of a high quality, being very well made from real wood providing durability. The wooden sets are beautifully illustrated with colourful and very clear images that are easily recognisable to any Thomas and Friends fan.

The tic tac toe game is a lovely wooden set that consists of 1 large wooden board along with 10 big circle game pieces that slot into the game board. The game is recommended for children aged 3+ years and suitable for 2 players.

This game is wooden version of the classic game noughts and crosses. Whilst some could argue why not play the game on a piece of paper rather than buy a wooden game, this set is a great way to introduce the game of tic tac toe to younger children thanks to the fact that it is a hands-on game with physical game pieces. The coloured blue and red game pieces also help younger children understand the game a lot easier than they perhaps would do by having to use an x or o on a piece of paper.

As the game requires children to interact with the game pieces it helps to develop hand-eye co-ordination and motor skills. The game also helps children with image recognition.

The games pieces are easy for little hands to pick up and hold which helps children to play the game happily as they place the counters in different spaces to try and match 3 pieces in a row – vertically, horizontally or diagonally - to win the game.

Bug loved the game and has been able to pick up the game very quickly. He loves helping Thomas fill the holes, trying to get 3 in a row. Being a fan of Thomas and all things chugtastic he loved the fab illustrations of Thomas and his engine friends on the game board.

This game set is a great way to introduce a classic game to children. The very well made and top quality finish of the set will provide entertainment and durability to children for a number of years. Best of all as the set features Thomas characters it will be a hit will little Thomas fans.

The Thomas and Friends Tic Tac Toe Game has an RRP of £9.99 and is available from all top retailers.

The Dominoes Track Puzzle is a lovely set of wooden pieces that feature high quality images on them. The set consists of 32 jumbo double sided pieces made from real wood. The game is a 2 in 1 game that is recommended for children aged 3+ years and suitable for 2 players.

On one side of the wooden pieces are Thomas and Friends characters that children can match up to play a traditional dominoes game by matching up the pictures to win. The images are of very high quality and I like the fact that they are not stickers that would peel off easily with use.

On the other side of the wooden pieces are train tracks that children can put together to create their own train track layouts. 

Children can use the wooden train characters to drive around the tracks.

Bug was particularly fond of the dominoes. He loved matching up the trains, with the fun game helping him to learn and recognise picture patterns. I love that the game helps children with their matching skills and encourages concentration, helps develop their hand-eye co-ordination, inspires a love of learning and boosts self confidence in a fun way!

He also loved creating his own train track layouts before driving his little Diecast Thomas train around them, the only downside was that the tracks sometimes can apart thanks to his eager play as the wooden pieces do not slot together at all to fix the tracks in place. With so many pieces Bug could make a variety of track layouts, small train tracks or big train tracks.

The train track puzzle is great for encouraging children to think rationally, plan the best track layouts for the pieces and experiment with different layouts.

The Thomas and Friends Wooden Dominoes and Track Puzzle has an RRP of £12.99.

What I like about both of these game sets is that they are fun, include beloved characters that children can recognise and have an educational benefit. Another bonus of the games is that they pack away neatly inside of their boxes and don’t take up much storage space. I especially love the fact that they are durable, well-made wooden toys based on classic games which is a great way to introduce traditional games to children. I would highly recommend both of these Thomas and Friends wooden game sets.

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