Tuesday 7 April 2015

Dream garden wishlist.

Our little family loves being outdoors. We love adventures in the great outdoors. We love exploring woodlands. We love relaxing and playing at the beach. We also love spending time outdoors in our garden.

Whilst we are fortunate to have a garden, our outdoor space is far from being our dream garden. In spite of putting a lot of effort into sprucing up our garden and adding colour and life to it with blossoming flowers and beautiful plants, a lack of money has stopped us putting the finishing touches to our garden by getting the ideal garden furniture and accessories for us.

As we love being in the garden so much and I would love nothing more than having a few key garden items such as garden furniture and garden dining accessories to make our garden the perfect space for long spring and summer days spent outside and an appealing place to host garden parties to enjoy time with our friends and family, I could not resist entering Debenhams’ Easter Blogger competition for the chance to win a garden party set.

Not only does the competition give me the chance of winning some gorgeous garden furniture and accessories to help bring our garden to life, but it also allowed me to dream about what garden items I would love to get if I found a money tree at the end of our garden.

As we have no garden furniture at the moment some garden furniture is what we most want to put in our garden.

As we are yet to have a garden table and chairs top of my dream garden wish-list would be a garden dining table set. I absolutely love the Debenhams White ‘Futura’ dining table and 6 blue ‘lowa’ chairs. The white table is just up my street style wise and I love that it is different to other garden tables. I also love the bright splash of colour from the chairs, with the blue being a great contrast against the white table.

Also as we love having friends and family around to visit, and foresee lots of visits this summer to visit the new addition to the family once baby number 2 makes their entrance into the world this dining table set would also be perfect for hosting lots of get-togethers in the garden with the sun shining down on us.

To add another splash of colour to our garden I would love this stylish and brightly coloured purple ‘Geisha’ parasol to keep us shaded as we dine in the sun at our lovely garden dining table set.

Whilst the dining table set would allow us to entertain a few friends and family, if I did find a money tree at the end of our garden I would also love to get this stunning half-moon sofa set. I love the contemporary look of this sofa set which would be the perfect place for us, as well as visiting friends and family to relax on.

Even though I am being greedy – well you might as well be if you are creating a dream wishlist – I would also love this beautiful and very stylish outdoor daybed. It would be the perfect garden retreat for relaxing in whilst watching Bug play and it would also be ideal for cocooning the new baby in, having lots of snuggles and keeping our newborn out from the sun’s glare as Bug has fun playing outdoors.

Another bonus of this amazing daybed is that it would be extra seating for guests if we had a large garden party where friends and family could dine at thanks to the moveable seats and concealed tables.

As Bug loves the bean bag he has in his bedroom I would love a few outdoor bean bags. Not only would they be extra seating and somewhere comfortable to recline and relax, the vibrant colours would also add a splash of colour to our outdoor space.

I would love a few key garden accessories to adorn our garden, accessories which are both stylish and practical.

To help us fill our friends and family with tasty bbq food a barbeque such as this top of the range gas barbeque would come in very handy.

This durable outdoor storage box would be a great addition to our garden, being the perfect space for storing Bug’s small garden toys safely.

I would love an outdoor fire for our garden to add warmth and light to our garden when enjoying outdoors late into the evening. I especially love this chic and contemporary black steel chimenea.

As we are doing are best to spruce up our garden and add lots of colour, texture and aromas with flowers and plants this lovely potting table would be a great addition to our garden, being a practical garden work station. Also as Bug is a keen green-fingered little garden helper it would be a great place to pot seeds and plants together, and where he could also store his little garden tools.

I would also love a few dining accessories to add colour to our garden table setting and make entertaining friends and family in the garden a touch easier.

These colourful snacktastic boxes would be great for Bug to take outside to keep his snacks safe in whilst he plays ready for when he needs a boost of food to keep his energy levels high for yet more play outdoors.

These beautiful floral print dinner plates would look stunning as we dine outside amongst the beauty of the great outdoors and the blooming flowers planted by Bug.

The floral print and pink zig zag trim would add a touch of colour and floral prettiness to our garden dinner plates.

The turquoise and purple bowls would add a touch of colour to our dining’s in the sun, with the flower inspired design being ideal for the garden.

The 6 assorted colours would be a lovely splash of colour to our table setting.

Ben de Lisi Designer red and turquoise water bottle
These colourful water bottles would be great for adding another splash of vibrant colour to our table setting in the sun, as well as being the ideal vessel for helping us keep hydrated as we enjoy sunny days outdoors.

As Bug and our baby-to-be are the centre of our world, our dream garden would not be complete without a few garden toys to entertain our little loved ones.

To keep our newborn safe this summer I would love this pop-up UV tent. It would be ideal for setting down in the garden as big brother Bug plays for our newborn to lay in and play with a few little toys of their own.

Bug would love this realistic playhouse where he could play with his little friends when they come visit him at home for lots of fun and play.

As Bug is a little water baby who loves nothing more than splashing about in the water he would be over the moon to have a pool at home in the garden for lots of splishy splashy fun with friends and family.

Not forgetting our baby-to-be, I would love this cute little Sea Turtle baby pool which would provide protection from the sun thanks to the roof when baby is having a little splash in the water.

A sandpit would also be a lovely and welcome by Bug addition to our garden, with this sandpit being particularly great thanks to the wooden lid.

What would be in your dream garden?

* This is our entry into the Debenhams Easter Blogger Competition *

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