Thursday 16 April 2015

Fun in the sun at the beach.

With Bug starting school full-time now, going from being a part-timer only attending school for the morning to being there all day long, I wanted us to really enjoy the Easter school holidays. I wanted to cram in as much quality time and fun adventures as my antenatal hospital appointments and work would allow before I no longer have my little sidekick with me all day long.

We had a roaringly fun family day out at The Dinosaur Park, Tenby, a mummy and Bug day at Folly Farm, trips to woodlands, a picnic at the local Castle and days spent having fun in the sun at the beach.

With both Bug and I being huge fans of the beach and the sea we loved our day spent at Broad Haven beach, Pembrokeshire.

As Bug loves the beach so much he was delighted when we arrived at the stunning golden sand beach, running and jumping around with joy.

He enjoyed racing his cars across the sand before burying them in the sand to later dig up after hunting for them as if they were the treasure pirate Bug was searching for.

No trip to the beach would be complete without a bucket and spade to dig and make sandcastles with.

Whilst in his pirate treasure hunting mode Bug was delighted to come across and abandoned sand castle village that he helped finish off by adding a few more pebbles to the impressive fort protecting the sandy village.

In the midst of all the fun and games at the beach, Bug stopped to show off his writing and drawing skills to mummy by drawing letters and shapes in the sand.

Being a lover of the water Bug could not resist heading towards the sea.

He had a grand old time splishing and splashing in the sea, watching the waves tumble towards the shore.

We had a lovely day together, with JellyBean kicking and moving inside my growing bump as their big brother had fun in the sun at the beautiful Broad Haven beach.

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