Monday 6 April 2015

Train! – Little Tiger Press book.

As I’ve previously mentioned Bug is a little bookworm. He loves nothing more than snuggling up with a book, or a big pile of books as is often the case. As he loves books so much he always gets super excited when Little Tiger Press send him a book.

The latest book that arrived through the letter box for Bug from Little Tiger Press was a board book called Train!

Written by Judi Abbot the book Train! is an award winning title that has previously been available only in paperback, but by popular demand it is now available as a cute little board book.

The board book format is it a lot more durable than the paperback version, helping it withstand excited little readers and the thick pages are easy for little fingers to turn the pages.

As the title may suggest the story has a strong Train theme. The lovely story is all a little elephant who LOVES trains…..perhaps being a little obsessive and very passionate about trains. Throughout the book whilst having a trip on a train the little elephant meets a variety of other animals who equally love and are fanatical about other vehicles – for example a cat who adores planes.

Thanks to Little Elephant’s one track mind he is a little puzzled and frustrated that the other animals don’t share his love of Trains.

Can the little animals learn to play together and perhaps love another toy and appreciate other vehicles?

The colourful book is brilliantly illustrated by Judi Abbot and the images perfectly convey the emotions of the little animals, with Bug instantly noticing that the little elephant was angry when the other animals did not share his love of all things chugtastic. The simple yet delightful story is a great springboard for talking about emotions with little ones, with Bug and I talking about why little Elephant was angry and how he could deal with his anger.

The beautiful story also highlights children’s behaviour. The book is a great way to introduce to children the notion of sharing, taking turns, playing together nicely, trying something new and making friends.

The book is a great read-aloud story with the fun rhythmic section being a hit with little ones. The repetitive wording is also fun for little ones and a great way to introduce basic words about vehicles to children.

This book which is bound to be a hit with vehicle-obsessed little ones is aimed at children aged 3-5 years. Available from Little Tiger Press the board book ‘Trains!’ has an RRP of £4.99.

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