Wednesday 10 June 2015

Introducing Crescendo from MysteryVibe.

It is said that 'While 10% of a relationship is about sex, 90% of issues arise from a lack of it'. Yet, as we get older, get married and have kids, the main thing that suffers is our sex lives. We go to bed thinking about work, emails and to-do-lists and struggle to switch off and turn on, even lying next to our partners who we love dearly.

What if there was a way, to create an immersive sensual experience that transformed our bedrooms into sanctuaries of pleasure. One we could enter to be taken to a different world with the right temperature, aroma, sounds, visuals, toys - all working together to stimulate our senses to a heightened state of arousal.

That is exactly our mission at MysteryVibe - to solve a real pain point by applying the best in design and technology and enhance our sex lives and relationships. To relate to something more tangible, imagine this. That time when we were young and watched or read some good erotica. No matter what our brains were thinking before that point, it would immediately transport itself to a aroused state within a matter of seconds and forget everything else and focus completely on that. 

What if we could do exactly that for every bedroom ... it just might have the profound impact on all our relationships that we so desire? 

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* Guest Post courtesy of Soumydip Rakshit, CEO of MyseryVibe *

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