Friday 24 July 2015

Gorgeous Grandma Day.

Yesterday, the 23rd July 2015 was Gorgeous Grandma Day.

Gorgeous Grandma Day – a day to celebrate and thank Grandma’s.

Whilst I do not fully embrace unofficial celebration days such as this by spending a fortune on grandma themed gifts, it does give me an excuse to remember my late Mamgu (Grandmother in Welsh) and be thankful to my mum for being the best Mamgu to my children that I could ever ask for.

My Mamgu was a second mother to me and my sister. I have so many precious and treasured memories of my time with Mamgu and on days such as her birthday, Christmas and now days such Gorgeous Grandma Day I remember how brilliant a Mamgu she was.

Days such as Gorgeous Grandma Day are also a great reminder of being thankful to my mum for being a fantastic Mamgu to my children. Bug adores his Mamgu who dotes on him and Jelly Bean. She is always there for her grandchildren, being a fun, loveable and very important person in their lives.

To celebrate Gorgeous Grandma Day, Best Offers Bingo conducted a survey asking people ‘Who is the best celebrity grandmother?’

With almost 3000 votes in total the end results of the best celebrity grannies were -

Goldie Hawn  - 412 votes
Sharon Osbourne - 190 votes
Whoopi Goldberg - 176 votes
Tina Turner - 165 votes
Susan Sarandon - 163 votes
Jane Fonda  - 151 votes
Sophia Loren - 131 votes
Jessica Lange - 97 votes
Priscilla Presley  - 84 votes
Kris Jenner - 75 votes
Martha Stewart - 63 votes
Tina Knowles - 58 votes
Chaka Khan - 48 votes
Marie Osmond - 36 votes
Ivana Trump - 13 votes

Being a huge fan of Susan Sarandon I am delighted to see her near the top of the list. I also agree that Goldie Hawn and Sharon Osbourne are gorgeous grandmas.

Hopefully when Bug and Jelly Bean (along with any other siblings) make me a grandma, I will be a great and gorgeous grandma that they can be proud of.

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