Tuesday 14 July 2015

‘Mummy’s having a baby’ bag for Bug.

Being pregnant with our second child means we already have a child to care for and think about. Unlike when we were pregnant with Bug when we did not have any existing responsibilities, this time round during Jelly Bean’s time in my bump we also have Bug to care for.

Not only does having a child whilst pregnant mean I am kept very busy regardless of my pregnancy symptoms and have to juggle maternity appointments around Bug and his busy life but we also have to arrange childcare for Bug when I go into labour with Jelly Bean.

As always my mum has stepped up and is kindly on stand-by to have Bug day or night when I go into labour.

Just as I have had to pack a hospital bag for myself and Jelly Bean filled with essentials for labour and afterwards for when I have to make the trip to the hospital to have Jelly Bean when labour is established, I also have to make sure Bug has a bag of his own ready for when he goes to mums.

As we obviously do not know when labour will happen we want to make sure everything is organised for my mum so that when she takes over looking after Bug it will be as hassle-free as possible. Just in case I go into labour when Bug is in school when it makes more sense for my mum to collect him straight from there rather than him being taken out early to make the hour long journey to the hospital with Lee and I, we have made sure my mum has a spare key to our house and that she has our spare car seat with her at all times.

Thankfully Trunki’s Boostapak has come to the rescue, being a great emergency car seat that my mum can have in her car at all times without taking up too much room, ready for when the call comes that Jelly Bean is on the way and she needs to pick up for Bug for a little holiday at hers.

As we want to make the experience of Bug going to stay elsewhere and being apart from us for the first time a smooth and happy experience we decided that it would be a great idea to get him a special suitcase to pack his ‘mummy’s having a baby and I’m off to stay at Mamgu’s’ essentials.

Because we love the Boostapak so much we immediately decided to take a look at getting a Trunki for Bug for his ‘mummy’s having a baby’ holiday bag.

A big influencing factor on picking a Trunki as Bug’s bag was the immense and useful features that Trunki boast.

To help make him feel comfortable and happy with going away to stay at Mamgu’s when I go into labour we involved Bug in the Trunki buying process, allowing him to browse the Trunki website to pick his favourite Trunki. Whilst he dabbled with the idea of creating his very own Trunki with the Design Your Own Trunki tool, his love of bees won with him selecting Bernard Bee as the Trunki for him.

A few days later a special Trunki box was delivered to our house much to Bug’s delight, with him being more than a little eager to take a look inside.

Immediately Bug was elated with Bernard Bee and could not resist inspecting him.

As I want to make Bug feel content and happy with having to go and stay at his Mamgu’s when I go into labour especially as it will be the first time he is away from me and his dad overnight, I involved Bug with helping pack his suitcase with clothes, toys and other essentials - and as packing is a seriously fun business superhero Bug stepped in to help.

He loved getting his favourite clothes from his drawers and packing them in Bernard Bee.

Bug soon found a handy little pocket in his suitcase for his pants and socks.

As well as packing his clothes Bug made sure to get his little Vtech Innotab packed safe and secure in the suitcase for gaming fun at Mamgu’s.

Being a huge lover of teddy’s the suitcase could not be packed without a teddy or two finding their way into the suitcase, with Bug’s favourite kitty teddy being first in.

A colouring book and felt tip pens also found their way into the suitcase.

Bug also made sure to pack a few books too so that Mamgu could read him a few bedtime stories.

He loved that the teddy bear straps kept all of his special things safe in the suitcase.

Once Bug had filled the suitcase with his favourite things he could not resist having a practice ride on Bernard Bee.

Now all we need to do is wait for Jelly Bean to decide when to start his arrival into the World, but thanks to Trunki and their great products we are ready for Bug to safely go to his Mamgu’s with the Boostapak with his favourite things safe inside Bernard Bee Trunki.

Plus Bug cannot wait to use the suitcase in the future when going on sleepovers and when we go on holiday.......hopefully we will be able to go on a lovely family holiday in the near future when I'm sure Bug will love to be towed on his super cool suitcase. 

The Trunki is fun and practical and will be used for years to come.....I am sure that when Jelly Bean is older he will want a Trunki to call his own too!

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