Sunday 25 October 2015

Benefit cuts.

The UK benefit system is a highly talked about topic, with arguments on both side of the fence being hotly voiced.

As benefit cuts are on the forefront of people’s minds of late being widely spoken and written about in the press, My Voucher Codes recently conducted a survey to see what people really think about Benefits Britain.

I agree with the 51% of the 2,158 UK adults surveyed who said they believe that the UK benefit system is NOT too generous.

Yes there are cases and negative news stories of benefit scroungers and people who take advantage of the system which frankly blemish the view of benefits Britain and encourage people to judge those on benefits. But I believe these are in the minority, with the majority of people on benefits being genuine cases who struggle to survive on the benefits they are eligible for.

Being personally worried about cuts to child tax credits I can also see how 29% of those surveyed believe that cuts to child tax credits will affect people in the UK the most from all the government welfare changes.

Surviving on benefits or relying on tax credits to boost your income from work just is a hard life to live and the government welfare cuts are in my opinion only going to make it harder.

We depend on tax credits to back up our wages and help us survive the frugal life we live on the breadline and dread how cuts will affect us and make a hard life financially even harder. And what about if we fall on hard times, will there be benefits available to help us?

What are your thoughts on benefits?

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