Saturday 24 October 2015

Strictly Come Dancing - a little history of the show.

Whilst I cannot confess to being a die-hard Strictly Come Dancing fan or to watching the show religiously, I do enjoy watching the show every once in a while when I’m not busy catching up on household chores – oh the glamour!

Watching the show gives me a glimpse into a world of glamour where celebrities and their dance partners look amazing as they show off their moves showcasing different dances to the beat of the music.

I must admit I sometimes feel a hint of envy at all that glamour and the fabulous costumes as I watch sitting in my old but very comfortable PJ’s with my hair a mess and my face showing the signs of tiredness. Plus having no rhythm at all myself it is nice to watch people with talent amaze me with their wonderfully choreographed dance routines. I find myself imagining that in another universe where I had a touch of rhythm and talent that it was me up on the famous Strictly stage dancing away in an extraordinary costume (a sparkly one often features in my day dream).

As many households across the country have been captivated by the show, Great British Bingo have complied a collection of fascinating facts about the past 11 series of the show in a Strictly Come Dancing Infographic that looks at the history of Strictly.

Are you a Strictly fan? Who has been your favourite winner and who do you think is going to win this year?

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