Thursday 1 October 2015

Considering a new pet.

This year has seen a lot of changes happen in our little family. New school starts and new talents being discovered have been keeping us busy. Plus of course we have seen our family expand from a family of 3 to a family of 4 with the arrival of Jelly Bean this summer.

As the year slowly winds down, we’ve been talking a lot about what more we will experience together in the New Year. At the moment, we are only a small family. We’d be daft not to talk about any possibilities of additions. Who knows where our lives will be in the next year?

For now, there is only talk. Things have already changed so rapidly! But we’ve been talking about companionship for Bug for a while now. He’s getting bigger and stronger, and socially I do think he is doing well. But at home, I fear he is a little lonely at times. Whilst he dotes on Jelly Bean he is only a little baby at the moment and is a little while away from being Bug’s sidekick in play and adventures. As such we’ve thinking about all kinds of possibilities, including the addition of a new pet.

Even though we already have 2 dogs they are family dogs rather than Bug’s dogs, in essence they are my dogs as they pre-date my little family plus they are sadly getting old now and the time with them is becoming ever so fragile. As such we have been thinking about getting him his very own little dog.

Having a dog is not something anyone should consider lightly. When children are around, you need to be absolutely sure you’re getting the right animal for your family. Dogs require so much attention, and so much care. We know Bug would love any pet we brought into our family, but we need to be certain that pet will love and protect Bug too.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into the benefits of owning a dog for the whole family. It makes for some quite compelling reading. There are a lot of health benefits. The most obvious is all the walking it makes you do! But having a pet can also provide a lot of benefits for children. Learning to take care of a pet, and be compassionate is pretty high on our agenda at the moment. And we definitely don’t want him to be fearful of animals.

There are also a lot of expenses to consider when you get a pet. There are some brilliant websites like that caters for pretty much everything you could need. It can be surprising just how much stuff a pet needs! Bowls and mats, beds and balls, and even collars and leads are all essential items. In the winter, you may need to get them a little jacket to stay warm too! Many vets take pet insurance now, so you shouldn’t be hit with a huge bill if something happens. But these are all costs that you have to be prepared to pay.

Pets are thought to help relieve stress and lower blood pressure. This kind of health benefit certainly intrigues me and leads me to think it could be a good move. Of course, I need to consider our accommodation carefully. You need a lot of space for a pet like a dog and with 2 dogs already we have to be sure we have the room and that they will be happy with and accept a new dog.

It’s clear that having a pet like a dog brings many benefits. For those that have the space and the financial resources, it seems like a dog could be the perfect pet. I’ve still got some time to consider all the aspects of owning a new pet and getting Bug a dog he can call his own. After all, who knows what life will bring in the New Year? 

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  1. Pets are great companions for children, but as you say pros and cons. If the children are ill the dog still needs walking, what you do with them when you go on holiday etc all need to be thought about.
    But the joy and pleasure and benefits they bring in so many different ways imo out weights that ten fold. Choosing the right one is the key.

    1. I think you are right there, getting the right one for you and your family is very important and the pleasure and benefits they bring are immense.