Friday 6 November 2015

Caring for your garden during Autumn.

Autumn is the time that the trees lose their beautiful array of gold, red and orange coloured leaves.

Autumn is the time when the foliage and trees are brimming with berries, nuts and seeds.  

Autumn is the time when we see say hello to new wildlife and goodbye to others as birds and animals migrate and hibernate.

Autumn is a time of change.

As Autumn brings change caring for your garden requires attention to keep your garden looking its best during this season of change and prepare it ready for the upcoming winter months.

To help keep your garden looking its best here are a few Autumnal gardening tips –

* Lawn TLC 
Rake up fallen leaves to prevent leaves rotting on your lawn and blocking sunlight causing damage to your lawn’s health. Top Tip – keep the leaves in a compost sack/bin to let them rot down over winter into a beautiful leaf mould that can be used in the spring as an enriching, natural and soil conditioning compost.

Aerate your lawn by using a fork to poke holes in the soil at regular intervals, rake the lawn to remove debris, moss and old grass stems, and apply a weed killer. Doing these steps will help prevent disease, keep your lawn healthy and improve drainage ready for wetter weather which also ensures rain penetrates deep into the lawn.

If your lawn is patchy use this time to sow new lawn seed. Doing this task now allows time for the seeds to germinate before frost arrives.

Give your lawn some TLC by feeding your lawn to keep it strong over Winter which is beneficial to long term care and a lush, healthy lawn. Lawn feed high in potassium can be valuable to lawns as they help restore the soil’s nutrient balance.

* Weeding
Use the Autumn time to deal with tough, deep rooted and woody weeds. By tackling them now you will prevent the weeds getting stronger over Winter and help your garden looking it’s best all year round.

* Pruning
It is important to prune plants, shrubs, bushes and trees to encourage new growth and keep everything looking its best. So that trees can flourish and use its energy to keep healthy and strong it is important to prune leaf shedding trees, removing dead and broken branches in particular. Pruning plants such as roses will protect them as it will help prevent wind-rock which can cause damage to young roots.

* Planting
Prepare for your spring garden by planting bulbs such as tulips and daffodils in autumn ready for next year. Vegetable plants such as garlic, peas and broad beans can also be planted now. As well as preparing for your spring garden, use the time now to plant out winter bedding for a glorious winter garden.

* Tidying and protecting against the weather
Use the autumn time to give your garden some extra attention by tidying and fixing anything that needs repair so your garden looks its best.

Paint and treat your woodwork such as wooden fences, gates, sheds and furniture which will help them last longer and minimise costly replacements.

Move small, young and delicate plants in under cover to protect them from the weather especially before the first frosts start. Likewise store furniture and garden ornaments that cannot withstand wet and frosty weather in the shed or garage which will protect them from the elements and help them last longer.

Protect outdoor containers from frost by insulating them. Top Tip – bubblewrap works really well for insulating. 

As preparation for wet weather raise pot plants using pot feet to prevent waterlogging which will damage plants.

As life can be hectic and it is hard to remember to keep on top of all tasks why not use this really useful Autumn gardening advent calendar by Waltons as a way of helping you complete a task every day to keep your garden looking it’s best during Autumn and ready for the approaching Winter months.

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