Wednesday 4 November 2015

Captain America here to save the day!

As I’ve mentioned before Bug loves dressing up in fancy dress and LOVES superheroes. Loving both fancy dress and superheroes so very much, he loves it when he can combine both loves by dressing up as a superhero.

As Bug loves dressing up as a superhero, pretending he is that superhero and is saving the day he was over the moon when he was sent a new superhero fancy dress costume.

Thanks to FunWarehouse Bug has transformed into Captain America!

The high quality deluxe Captain America costume comes with a hooded fabric mask decorated with a big bold ‘A’.

To fully transform into the hero busting Captain the costume comes with the iconic Captain America Shield so that little ones can be superheroes ready to shield off any enemies as they save the day.

Bug was delighted about being his hero Captain America, running around imagining he was saving the day.

Being a true superhero he did not think twice about leaping into action to save the day.

The costume has lovely vivid colours and great details such as the belt, star and stripes from the iconic Captain America costume.

As a tough, strong superhero Bug loved that his muscles were showing thanks to the padded muscle costume.

Bug loves his new superhero costume, delighting in being Captain America leading his Avenger friends on another mission to save the day and defeat evil enemies.

The Captain America Deluxe costume is available from the FunWarehouse website for a brilliant price for a high quality costume perfect for all budding superheroes.

FunWarehouse have an impressive range of fancy dress costumes. As well as superhero costumes their range of costumes also includes Disney, Film, TV, Fairytales, Cartoons, Storybooks and Historical. Catering for both children and adult’s and with a vast range of designs and costume categories along with costumes to suit all budgets there is a fancy dress costume for all tastes and styles.


  1. He looks like he is having a great time! There's something so exciting about seeing little ones enjoy fancy dress and make believe. x

  2. Fantastic costume - Pickle is obsessed with super heros at the moment. He has BatMan suit with a cape and thinks he IS Batman! Fab photos. Kaz x

  3. What a great costume! You can tell he's having a great time! Lovely photos x

  4. What a brilliant costume, he looks mighty fierce too!xx

  5. My girls love a bit of dressing up. It really brings play to life. What a lovely costume... He looks fab!