Monday 21 December 2015

2016 UK Travel Bucket List.

During my childhood I was very fortunate to have travelled to a number of places across the UK. My mum loved taking us on adventures and mini trips all across the UK. As well as taking us on day trips to a number of places, thinking nothing of going miles away for a fun adventure or a shopping trip, we also used to take our little old caravan on holidays. My mum would hook up the caravan to the car and off we would go for a fun adventure where we would set up camp in a new place before exploring our new surroundings and what the area had to offer.

In the last years I am sad to say that travelling across the UK has dwindled. As I miss travelling to explore new places in the UK and also want to impart to my children a love of travel and show them the country we live in, I have decided that 2016 will be the beginning of exploring the UK with my family.

As I hope to travel the UK this upcoming year I have decided to compile a UK Travel Bucket List for 2016. Here is where I would love to visit –

Even though I have been to Blackpool before I want to go again. My desire to visit Blackpool again is partly due to the fact that it is where Lee and I had our first holiday together not long after we became a couple and it would be lovely to relive memories of our time there together. As we are now a family it would be great to visit the place where we enjoyed our first holiday together as a couple now as a family.

I am sure the boys would also love to visit there too. As well as enjoying the beach, promenade, Blackpool zoo and Sea Life centre, I am sure Bug would love to visit Blackpool’s Pleasure Beach.

Whilst Lee comes from Leeds I have had very little personal experience of the place myself and would love to explore my man’s hometown a little better. One of my main reasons for wanting to visit Leeds in 2016 is to spend time with Lee’s family so that my children can meet their family on their father’s side of the family. As Bug was a little baby when his Nana met him and Jelly Bean has never met any of his family in Leeds it would be a great experience for them.

After having a little dalliance with Birmingham when I recently visited the city for the day for HIPP Organic’s Wean Team event I have decided that I must visit again when I have more time to explore the city and what it has to offer. One of the reasons that I want to revisit Birmingham is to have more time to explore the shopping that it has to offer, especially The Bullring which is the UK’s busiest shopping centre. I might just have to make sure we have our staycation there and visit the city for a long weekend in January to take advantage of the January sales.

Lee and I have always said we want to go to London for a little holiday but as of yet have not, as such I am determined to make it happen in 2016. With so much on offer I know we will have a great time, being especially interested in visiting the art galleries and museums. Another top destination for us will be a trip to Windsor to visit Legoland to satisfy our lego-mad lad’s love of lego!

Do you have any staycations planned for 2016?

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