Tuesday 22 December 2015

Darth Vader Christmas tree.

Dressing up is a common occurrence in our household. Bug needs no excuse to dress up and with his huge collection of fancy dress costumes, a big selection of which are superheroes, he is often in fancy dress. It is a common sight to see Bug strutting his stuff in Tesco as Batman or playing at the park as Captain America.

As we love fancy dress costumes, especially Bug who loves nothing more than dressing up as his favourite characters, we could not resist taking part in the Tickled Pink fancy dress challenge. We were challenged to take one of their fancy dress costumes and give it a Christmas twist.

With Star Wars being all the rage at the moment and talk of the playground Bug has declared himself a fan of Star Wars and Darth Vader as his favourite ‘bad guy’ in spite of having never seen Star Wars himself. As such we decided to get a Darth Vader costume from Tickled Pink.

As Bug is a fan of Star Wars and Darth Vader in particular we had initially decided to dress him up as Darth Santa, being inspired by LEGO the Santa Darth Vader found in last year’s LEGO Star Wars Christmas Advent Calendar.

The Darth Vader costume would be Christmas-fied thanks to a Santa hat, big red santa sack, a red cape from his superman costume and some tinsel, which we had hoped to place on a lightsaber.

We had planned on surprising him with the Darth Santa costume for a Christmas party with his friends but unfortunately Bug has had a bout of illness and was too ill to go and so as not to upset him even more for missing out we decided to forget Darth Santa.

To cheer him up and give him a Christmassy Darth Vader we decided to create a Darth Vader Christmas tree with a Santa twist.

Using an artificial Christmas tree we carefully placed the Darth Vader costume, giving him some red sparkly tinsel and a Santa hat to put Darth in the Christmas mood.

When Bug saw his Darth Christmas tree he was more than a little surprised and delighted, with his declarations of joy unfortunately setting off a coughing fit (I hate seeing my baby poorly).

Bug’s Santa Darth Christmas tree is a huge hit and combines his love of film characters and Christmas.

Do your little ones like to dress up for Christmas?

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