Sunday 13 December 2015

Are You #SCRUFFSENOUGH? - Scruffs Expedition Tech Jacket review.

As parents on a tight budget it is a rare occasion when Lee or I get anything new ourselves, always putting the needs of our children first. Because of this it has been a long time since Lee got his work coat, which thanks to being used on a daily basis is looking worse for wear. Not only is his coat looking very used and abused, it is also useless in the rain as it is does not keep him dry at all.

Thankfully I got the chance to treat Lee to a new coat recently when Scruffs kindly sent him an Expedition Tech Jacket.

The Expedition Tech Jacket provides ultimate protection from the weather including rain making it ideal for when working outdoors. Thanks to the waterproof membrane and taped seams the jacket is fully waterproof. Not only does the jacket provide protection from the rain but it also keeps the wearer warm too thanks to the 3M Thinsulate lining. As well as being waterproof and lined with Thinsulate the jacket is also breathable.

Lee loves the jacket and is delighted with his new coat. He is over the moon to be wearing a coat that keeps him warm and dry. Even in the worst wet weather we have had since he got his new coat he has remained dry and warm with no leaks or cold chills thanks to the impressive insulation and taped seams which have kept the harshest of winds and torrential rain out.

As well as appreciating the coat’s superb protection from all weather conditions he loves that the coat is stylish too. He loves the bright orange features on the coat which are eye-catching against the black material. He especially likes the orange camo design inside of the hood.

As Lee is slight in build many coats tend to be too big and bulky but this coat is a great fit. To help the coat fit just right it features adjustable cuffs, hem and hood which Lee has more than appreciated having so that the coat fits well. The adjustable features are also good for keeping the warmth in and the cold and wind out.

The coat also boats a huge array of pockets – 9 altogether! The coat is scattered with handy pockets which are located all across the coat, including on the back, arms, chest as well as where pockets are traditionally located on coats. Although the pockets are arranged all across the coat, they are positioned to be easily accessible and useful for work life. The pockets vary in size and design; some are Velcro closing whilst others have zips. All of the pockets are great in size, being useful to store a variety of things inside.

A surprise feature of the coat is that is comes with a handy little torch, which even though little packs a bright light punch. The torch has its own special pocket that has a clear PU window. Thanks to the clear PU window pocket the torch can be used hands free with the torch being turn on with its side light being used to shine out from the pocket or the torch can be used as a traditional torch. This special pocket with the torch that can be used with a side light is a very useful and clever safety feature, ideal for work or for when walking outdoors when it’s dark.

Lee loves this coat and highly recommends it. The coat’s impressive features and clever design is great for both work and daily use. It is stylish, comfortable, high quality, durable and functional, making it a huge hit with Lee, but most of all he loves that it has kept him warm and dry.

You can purchase the coat on the Scruffs website for £84.95 (inc VAT) where there is a huge range of other workwear and safety footwear for both men and women.

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