Sunday 27 December 2015

Christmas as a family of four.

This year was our first Christmas as a family of four. As I love Christmas I wanted to make it a magical and special experience for the whole family.

Throughout December we enjoyed Christmas activities which sparked the excitement of Christmas. As well as having fun with Bug doing Christmas crafts, I embraced Christmas preparations such as gift shopping, visiting Christmas markets, Christmas decorating and wrapping presents.

We counted down the days until Christmas with the Lego Star Wars Advent Calendar and our homemade Christmas tree advent calendar that secreted away the day’s Christmas related activity along with a sweet little treat.

A few days before the big day we visited the man himself so that Bug could have a good old chat with him and find out if the reindeer’s were ready for Christmas Eve.

Living away from family and having my own little family myself now has meant that I don’t get to see family on Christmas day, so this year we decided to make a little day trip to visit my loved ones. Whilst I feel bad that Lee could not get the same experience with his family living much further away, I loved visiting my mum, sister and other close family members for the day. As well as getting to see and spend quality time with family it was lovely for my family to be able to see the children open their presents from them in person…..something that Bug thoroughly enjoyed as he ripped wrapping paper off of his gifts as if there was no tomorrow!

Christmas Eve came to an end with Bug and Jelly Bean getting an extra special delivery from Santa, the elves and the reindeer.

After enjoying the goodies from the Christmas Eve box my beautiful boys snuggled down together in their new Rockin’ Baby pyjamas to enjoy Christmas stories before finally crashing out to sleep with all the excitement of Christmas.

Bug loved opening his Christmas presents and helping Jelly Bean with his, with both of the boys being very lucky boys.

After a morning of opening presents the boys dressed smart for Christmas dinner which was followed by lots of playing with their new toys.

Our first Christmas as a family of four was a lovely and memorable one, which was captured in photographs to be treasured forever.

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