Tuesday 22 December 2015

Christmas decorations - the nations favourite.

One of the many things I love about Christmas is Christmas decorations. Having a fondness for twinkly lights and sparkle Christmas provides with an excuse to deck the house with lots of lights, sparkle and shimmering decorations.

Whilst I do not go all out and decorate the inside and outside of the house head to toe in Christmas lights and decorations (I dread to think of the cost to do so, buying and then running so many lights!) I do like to full the living room in particular with a fully decorated Christmas tree, lots of twinkling Christmas lights, a touch of sparkling tinsel and novelty decorations.

Like most of my style, my Christmas decorations style is a tad eclectic. I do not really stick to a theme, deciding to simply decorate with decorations I like even if they differ in style. As Lee prefers a set style this year he and Bug decided to decorate our Christmas tree in a set of colours, sticking with a theme of red, white and silver.

Being a parent who loves doing crafts with her children Christmas gives me the ideal opportunity for lots of Christmas inspired crafts. As Bug loves arts and crafts he has relished in the past few weeks of Christmas crafts, having particularly enjoyed doing lots of homemade Christmas decorations. One of our most loved homemade Christmas crafts from this year is Bug’s DIY reusable Christmas tree advent calendar that has taken pride of place in Bug’s bedroom.

I also like to inject Bug’s loves and interest into our decorations. We are making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles baubles and decorated his own Christmas tree as Santa Darth Vader to make the festive holiday even more fun and magical for our boy.

Even though I admire lush, real Christmas trees I tend to stick with my old and now a little tatty fake tree partly due to the cost of buying real every year and partly to do with being eco-friendly. And now that I am a parent, my pre-parent fake tree provides me with the added benefit of being more child-friendly and not dropping needles everywhere.

I read in a recent article that talked about Baytree Interiors’ research into the nations favourite Christmas decorations, that out of 1,000 UK residents polled a huge 49% of people are like us and have a fake tree. What I did find surprising is that 23% of people don’t have a Christmas tree.

With Christmas lights being a favourite of mine I am like the 42% of people who chose Christmas lights as their favourite decorations, with the Christmas wreath only racking up 14% of votes.

What type of Christmas decorations are your favourite?

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