Tuesday 5 January 2016

Stickertastic decorating – Ten Stickers.

I’ve written before about how we are slowly decorating Bug’s bedroom and making it into a cool bedroom decorated in a style inspired by the things he loves such as superheroes, cars, Minecraft, lego and animals.

Unfortunately though as we rent we are limited with how we can decorate. To add some colour and character to his walls to go along with the colourful accessories we have for the room such as themed bedding, eye-catching ornaments and vibrant storage, we have been looking at the cool stickers on Ten Stickers.

As Ten Stickers have a vast range of sticker designs and their stickers are created using the latest technology for cutting and printing on high quality vinyl material we have been looking at what awesome stickers we can get to liven up Bug’s bedroom walls.

With a HUGE love of superheroes these superhero themed wall stickers would be a huge hit with Bug who would love to have his favourite heroes watch over and protect him and his room.

Also as he loves Lego I am sure he would love a personalised Lego wall with his own name in bright colours adorning the Lego design.

Mixing his love of Lego with his new interest in Star Wars (thanks to playground talk where all the kids are mad about Star Wars) these Lego Star Wars stickers would be a great and fun addition to his bedroom.


As Ten Stickers have 3 great reasons to buy from them – stickers are easy to apply, images are cropped so will compliment any wall colour, and stickers are glossy with high intensity colours – and have designs we love I can’t wait to order some stickers from their website to make Bug’s bedroom fun and colourful.

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