Wednesday 3 February 2016

Tech Wish List for My Valentine.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching thoughts often turn to what to gift to loved ones. Even though we do not really go all in for gift giving on Valentine’s Day, mostly due to lack of money, the day can be a good excuse to treat loved ones and show them how much you care with a gift they will love. As it is a rare occasion that I get to treat Lee, especially since becoming parents, and he has gifted me thoughtful and memorable gifts over the years such as writing me poems, gifting me beautiful jewellery and treating me to once in a lifetime days out, if money was no issue I would love to get him an extra special gift.

Lee is a bit of a tech geek so I would love to treat him to some tech I know he has been lusting after – yes Lee I do listen to and remember your hints about a Panasonic 4K TV. If I was lucky enough to stumble upon that money tree or find a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow before Valentine’s Day here is what I would love to buy my Valentine –

Panasonic 4K TV
As a gamer, sports enthusiast and film fanatic Lee has nearly as good of a relationship with the TV as he does with me. Whilst our old TV does the job, as technology progresses and improves the lure of a new TV with better picture quality and improved features is strong.

If I could I would love to get Lee a 4K TV so that he can enjoy the ground-breaking technology and have his thirst for more vivid image quality quenched – plus a new TV is something the whole family could enjoy. As a gamer who loves gaming online on his PS4 where he gets to play and talk to his brother who lives miles away I think the Panasonic Viera CR730 would be perfect for Lee… where is that money tree?

Gaming PC
I would love to treat my gamer fiancé to a gaming PC. Even though he has a PS4 as he is passionate about gaming I know he would be over the moon if he had a gaming PC to play games on especially as there are a few games he would love to play that he can’t play on the PS4 at the moment such as ARK: Survival Evolved.

So that Lee could get play ARK – a game he has watched gaming youtubers play for months now with a little hint of envy – and take advantage of using mods on Minecraft if I did find that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow I would love, love, love to get him a custom Alienware gaming PC.

DSLR Camera
Being a creative soul with a love of photography I know that Lee would make great use of and love a DSLR Camera. To encourage his love of photography I would love to get him a high tech DSLR camera… as I have been lusting after one myself it would be something I could borrow from him too – win, win!

What would be on a wish list for your valentine if money was not a problem?

Oh ye, do you happen to know where that money tree is? Or that pot of gold? Either will do! 

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