Friday 26 February 2016

Why I love my mum.

With mother’s day fast approaching my thoughts have inevitably turned to thinking about my mother and my late Mamgu (grandmother) who I thought of as my second mum. Whilst we do not really adopt the commercial aspect of mother’s day with gift giving, the day is a good reminder to appreciate, enjoy quality with and thank my mum, as well as remember my Mamgu.

As a number of my friends sadly no longer have their mums in their life, I find myself being extra grateful that I am fortunate enough to still have my mum.

And when I Wynsors World of Shoes got in contact about their Mother’s Day campaign to celebrate the relationship I have with my mum and how her and her style have inspired me I got thinking about how my mum has influenced both me as a person and my style. With that in mind I have been thinking about some of the many, many reasons why I love and appreciate my mum.

I love my mum’s style and admire how she is comfortable and confident with how she looks. I often use her style as inspiration for outfits for myself and ask her opinion on what I should wear or whether a particular item looks good or not.

Admiring her style and appreciating her honest attitude, I always have a good friend in my mum for days hitting the shops for retail therapy or when I am on the hunt for an outfit for a special occasion. Over the years I have had so many brilliant and fun days shopping with my mum and my sister, helping each other pick outfits and having a good old laugh when something looks atrocious on us!

As I love my mum’s style and lust after her wardrobe I often find myself borrowing her clothes and shoes – thankfully my mum is generous too and has an ‘open wardrobe’ attitude. When borrowing her clothes and shoes is not enough I find myself buying the same or very similar things as my mum (only the odd thing – I’m not an obsessive copycat trying to turn myself into her clone!). Recently I got a pair of rock style boots like my mum has from Wynsors World of Shoes boot collection and bought my mum to a pair of new boots she has wanted for ages to treat her with as a surprise Mother’s Day gift.

Adventurous attitude
My mum has always had an adventurous and spontaneous attitude. Her ‘live for the moment’ and ‘seize the day’ mentality has meant that my sister and I were fortunate to experience so many wondrous adventures and experiences. Her attitude has meant that we have explored new places and tried new things that we would not have done if not for her adventurous spirit.

It is thanks to my mum that not only have I brilliant adventures that have not only been fantastic in the moment but also taught me a lot and become cherished memories, but her adventurous attitude has influenced me into having a mind-set of ‘life is too short’ and I should try things at least once.

Selfless nature
My mum always puts others before herself. She is always there for me and the kids and has gone above and beyond what she should do to help us out. Even when she is struggling through the pain she suffers with on a daily basis she puts herself out and helps others.

Kind heart
Along with her selfless nature my mum has a kind heart. Going hand-in-hand with her selfless character her kindness shines through as she is always there to support and be kind to others. She strives to help and do her best for others.

I wholeheartedly admire my mum’s strength. Throughout many trials and tribulations in her life she has remained strong and ‘fought’ to get through the bad times. Even though my mum deals with physical pain everyday of her life she still keeps a smile on her face.

Her strength physically, mentally and emotionally is something I respect and her being a strong woman gave me a great role model to look up to during the brilliant childhood she gave me. 

The above is just a small tiny fraction of why I love my mum and what I believe makes her the wonderful woman she is.

I thank my mum for all that she is and for always being there. She is a fantastic mother and the best Mamgu (grandmother) I could have ever wished for to my beautiful boys.

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