Tuesday 29 March 2016

Garden features for kids - green fingered, outdoor loving kids!

As we love being outdoors our garden is somewhere we spend lots of time when we are not out and about having adventures in the woods, beaches, castles and beautiful countryside which are a stones throw away from our home.

Being a family who spends most of their time outside in the garden especially during the spring and summer months I have plans to make the garden more fun and appealing for the kids than it already is.

Mud kitchen
Inspired by memories of my childhood I am building the kids a mud kitchen in the corner of the garden where they can have fun getting muddy and creating me tasty mud-filled pies and cakes which if anything like I was as a child will be decorated with leaves and flowers.

Garden toys
Taking inspiration from Bug's recent drawing and wish list of his perfect Easter birthday garden party that was filled with outdoor toys I hope to get a few more outdoor toys for the garden. I would love a garden with outdoor that are perfect for both the boys with toys that they can play with together and toys they can play with individually with the toys being suited to their ages and interests.

Green fingered space
As I recently mentioned Bug follows in his mummy's footsteps in having an interest in being green fingered and growing flowers, fruit and veg. Because Bug loves to garden and I hope that Jelly Bean will enjoy joining us too as we plant and tend to our crops I would love a dedicated space in the garden for planting, potting and growing our fruit and veg. As such I have been looking at greenhouses to find the perfect one for us where we can garden to our hearts content.

Kid friendly seating
With two kids in the house now and friends often popping over for little play-dates I want to have some bright and colourful kid friendly seating in the garden where the little ones can sit for a break in-between play and enjoy picnics at.

Sensory space
As we love sensory play I would be over the moon to have a sensory space in the garden for the kids to benefit from. To evoke all the senses I hope on having a few different features in the space such as aromatic plants, a miniature wooden playhouse they can play with, a sand box, wind chimes and a musical wall, a racing track amongst the flowers and plants, an interactive wall with blackboard and busy board, and the kids' garden crafts.

What child friendly features do you have in your garden that make the garden fun for little ones?

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