Tuesday 1 March 2016

NetherMined 2 – the event for Minecraft mad kids.

For a while now Bug has been mad about Minecraft. His love of Minecraft was sparked by watching Daddy mine and craft in the World of Minecraft, with his passion for the game being truly intensified when he started watching Stampy playing Minecraft in his Lovely World on YouTube (parental lock well and truly on).

Whilst as his mum I am a touch biased, his skill at Minecraft for such a young age is amazing to me. He has quickly learnt all about Minecraft, mastering skills and learning the ins and outs of the game. His imagination and creativity comes alive in the game where as well as mining and surviving he also crafts buildings, statues, and games.

As a parent of a child mad about Minecraft I have fast become accustomed to hearing words such as the Nether, the EnderDragon, redstone, Creepers, enchanted weapons and a whole host of other Minecraft  terminology that quite frankly was at first very baffling and completely ‘alien’ to me.

Thanks to the likes of YouTubers such as Stampy and his friend Squid who I’ve watched with Bug, and Bug’s incessant talk about all things Minecraft I have quickly learnt about Minecraft and I am no longer as baffled by biomes and blocks, confused about creepers or perplexed about portals as I once was. 

If you have a child who is obsessed with Minecraft and also want to get your head around the Minecraft lingo and learn a little more about the game, then the upcoming NetherMined2 event is the place to be!

On Saturday the 5th & Sunday the 6th March 2016 an unofficial Minecraft event NetherMined2 is happening in Newcastle.

The event is Minecraft heaven to little ones mad about the world of Minecraft. NetherMined2 boasts –
* YouTubers
* Live gaming
* 2 Oculus Rifts
* 4 Retro Gaming Machines
* Face painters
* The Art Zone
* Minecraft and geeky merchandise

But that’s not all, unlike other Minecraft events NetherMined2 will be helping parents enter and understand the world of Minecraft.

The event will have a Parents Zone where parents can ask questions, and learn all about Minecraft and its lingo so parents can hopefully understand what their little Minecraft  fans are talking about when raving about the game. Not only can parents learn and ask questions about Minecraft, they can also learn to play the game too!

Also at the event will be 3 Minecraft EDU educators who will be giving talks about Minecraft and highlighting the educational value of the game.

Whilst sadly we cannot make the event due to the distance from where we live to the event, I hope that we can go one day in the future to a future NetherMined event as I know my Minecraft mad mini-Bug would be in his element and over the moon to NetherMined.

Tickets to NetherMined2 cost £15 each and are on sale now.

To find out more about this minetastic event check out the website www.nethermined.com

You can also keep up-to-date with all the NetherMined news by following @nethermined on twitter.

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