Saturday 23 April 2016

Bringing your baby home from hospital.

Will it soon be time to bring your baby home from the hospital? Then read on for a few ways to make it as stress-free and manageable as possible.

Chat with the midwives and staff
If there is one group of people that will be able to answer pretty much all and any questions you have at this time, it is the maternity staff. The midwives, doctors, and staff spend their entire lives helping new mothers in just the same situation as you. 

Use their wisdom and knowledge while you have access to it. No question is too minor or ‘too stupid’, and we promise they won’t laugh at you for asking it. Similarly, if you’re struggling with anything, let them know. It could be something big like if you are having trouble adjusting to breastfeeding. Or it could be something much smaller like you’re having trouble with the baby carrier straps! Get them involved and don’t expect to know everything.

Ask for help from family and friends
Your family and friends will know what a challenging time this is for you. It is very likely that they will want to help you out in any way that they can. Let them!

When you first arrive home, cooking food will be the last thing on your mind. Arrange for your mum or best friend to bring over some food while you’re packing up at the hospital. Similarly, if you need help tidying the home when you get back, give them a call. No matter how much preparation you did, things may have gotten messy if your contractions began at home

These people and more will also want to give you a gift to send their love and best wishes. Save money by asking your friends to family to buy specific gifts that you actually need. Otherwise, you could just end up with ten identical baby grows!

Consider where they’ll sleep
Arranging the babies nursery, or place in your bedroom, may have been on your mind from early in the pregnancy. However, it can sometimes happen that their space isn’t ready before delivery. Whether it’s because baby has arrived earlier than expected, or you’ve recently moved home, you might need to make a makeshift space. If so, don’t panic. 

The most important things to a baby are milk and cuddles. They won’t mind if they don’t have a huge designer nursery right away! Just consider the best place to keep them. Increasingly, midwives suggest having baby in your own bedroom up until their six months old anyway. This means you can keep an eye on them, and don’t have to go far when they wake up in the night. Suitable sleeping arrangement for this scenario are pieces like these cots and cotbeds from

Do consider if your bedroom is in the best position.Would moving to the back of the house reduce noise from outside, for example?

Give it time

It is so important to remember that no new parents immediately adapt to their new lives. Give yourself time to adjust, and go easy on yourself! Keep asking for help when and where you need it, but most of all try to enjoy this precious time.

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