Thursday 5 May 2016

Spring cleaning – out with the old and in with the clean!

There is something about this time of year that makes me want to get busy and sort the house out. Spring with its longer days, shining sun and new, fresh life evokes a desire within me to get everything clean and tidy. 

Here are the household tasks I like to do when spring cleaning -

Let the light in
Give your windows some TLC and get them shining inside and out to help them let the light shine inside of your home. As well as cleaning the glass also pay attention to the window seals, sills and ledges by giving them a good clean and looking out for any disrepair.

Clean curtains, voiles and blinds
Curtains, window voiles and blinds often get overlooked, simply left hanging there and only paid attention to briefly when being opened and shut when needed. Inject some fresh new life into your window coverings and make sure they are clean, stain free and free from accumulated dust by giving them a good old clean. For curtains that can be washed at home and do not require dry cleaning make use of a sunny, windy day to get them dry and smelling fresh thanks to fresh air.

Pamper your carpets and rugs
Whilst carpets are often hoovered a number of times a week – a few times a day here when the kids are being especially boisterous and messy – it can be a rare occasion that they get a good old clean. Even though you may think that your carpets are clean and stain free you'd be surprised at the grime and dirt hiding within the fibers of your carpets and rugs thanks to footfall, spills and general daily life. Give carpets and rugs a deep clean with a hired carpet cleaner.

Make your bathroom sparkle
Give your bathroom a good deep clean and make it sparkle as if it was brand new. Clean the bathroom suite and accessories, give tiles a deep clean or steam clean and re-grout to help tiles look brand new, and de-clutter the bathroom space ensuring empty and used bottles etc. are thrown away so that the bathroom look clean and tidy. For more ideas on how to give your bathroom a fresh lease of life check out VictoriaPlum's bathroom spring cleaning tips blog post.

Deep clean appliances
Whilst household appliances such as the fridge, oven, and microwave are cleaned on a regular basis as part of normal cleaning routine giving such appliances a deep clean as part of a spring clean is always a worthwhile job. It can also be a good idea to tackle tasks such as defrosting the freezer if it is not frost free and descaling the kettle. During your spring clean it can be worthwhile to clean appliances that are often overlooked such as the washing machine – a sparkly clean washing machine is always good for cleaning your laundry so that it is fresh and clean, and helps your appliance last longer too.

Be ruthless and de-clutter. Chuck junk and broken items that often get put to one side or stuffed in a cupboard, get rid of unwanted items by taking them to the charity shop or selling, and sort out and organise what items you are keeping so they are where you want them to be tidily. De-cluttering can give you a lot more space and help make rooms look clean and tidy.

Do you have any spring cleaning tips?

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