Thursday 5 May 2016

Vaping with the blu PRO™ eCig kit - #bluForYou

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A Just You & blu experience

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Like most people Lee has many facets to his character. He 'wears' a number of different hats, taking on different roles in his life. Along with the 'characters' he is called such as dad, fiance, son, brother, friend, and co-worker he has a number of habits, interests and quirky characteristics that he embodies which combined make him the individual that he is. 

One habit that interlaces throughout most of his life and lives on regardless of the 'role' he is currently embodying is smoking.

For over half of his life Lee has been a smoker. Having smoked traditional cigarettes for many, many years Lee recently decided to try smoking e-cigs.

After browsing the blu website Lee decided to buy the blu PRO™ kit.

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Thanks to their super fast dispatch and quick delivery Lee had the blu PRO kit to try within a mere matter of days.

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Lee has found that the blu PRO eCigs fit in brilliantly with his lifestyle. blu is complimentary to his different characters and smoking needs, allowing him to be who he wants to be to enjoy life and 'me' time and giving him the freedom to vape when he wants to - #bluForYou

The Artist
Lee has a creative streak that runs through him and which he express in numerous ways. He paints, he writes poetry, he captures moments using photographs, he draws and sketches. He is a creative man who loves to express his creativity and imagination. He is an artist.

Thanks to blu he can vape as he works. The smoother longer vape of blu PRO helps relax him to allow his creativity to flow and the long life battery means he can get lost in his art for hours on end knowing he has his blu eCig to hand when he wants to vape. Just You & blu.

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The Family Man
He lives for his family and relishes time with his loved ones. He finds time spent with his family a true pleasure. He adores all the moments with his children from the routine, daily life moments to the big, milestone moments.

Whilst he chooses not to smoke e-cigs around or in front of the children, blu allows him the flexibility to have a quick vape when away from the children. At the end of the day when the children are snuggled in bed blu is with him as he reflects on the day, cherishing the memories created with his children and reflecting on the joy he gets from being a dad. Just You & blu.

The Outdoor Loving Adventurer
He loves nature, the outdoors, adventures and challenges. He thrives on adrenaline filled, non-stop action days. He lives in the moment. He lives for the moment and the wonders that he sees and experiences.

blu is his sidekick on his adventures. He vapes whilst living in the moment. blu gives him great taste, a pleasurable throat hit which he loves and a long lasting vape puff after puff that he enjoys as he reflects on his adventures. Just You & blu.

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The Anxiety Sufferer
Sadly he suffers from anxiety and depression. He has moments of stress and lowness that causes him anxiety. He gets easily stressed on his dark days. He gets lost in his thoughts and gets dragged down by his anxieties, worries and depressive thoughts.

blu is a comforting friend during his dark days. Vaping helps calm and relax him when his anxieties get the better of him and he panics. As he gets lost in his world of dark thoughts vaping with blu helps him take a moment to calm his thoughts, forget his woes and start to overcome the darkness. Just You & blu.

The Gamer
He has a passion for PC and console games. He loves gaming and has been a die-hard gamer since the age of the Atari and the Commodore64. Thanks to the games he loves – Minecraft, Rainbow Six Siege, Uncharted to name but a few – he can relax and unwind, and have some fun 'me' time. Gaming is also a gateway for communication with friends and family from afar who he rarely gets to see. It is thanks to online gaming that he gets to play with his brother, speaking on the headset as they play as if they were in the same room rather than over 200 miles apart.

blu is his gaming companion. Always at his side ready for when he wants to vape. He vapes to relax after a stressful, tense game. He vapes to enjoy the great taste blu provides as he celebrates a great game. He vapes for pleasure as he chats away and plays with his friends and family. Just You & blu.

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Regardless of what 'role' he is personifying or what interest he is enjoying blu PRO eCigs are there for his vaping pleasure.

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The award-winning taste of the e-liquid made from natural ingredients gives him a pleasurable throat hit and thanks to blu clearomiser's Smooth Flow Technology he enjoys a smooth draw every time he vapes.

Vaping with blu is also made easy and convenient thanks to the simple to fill top tank perfect for ensuring no spills. So that he can vape whenever he wants and benefit from superior e-cig performance blu has a powerful, USB rechargeable, long life battery.

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The stylish blu PRO eCig has fitted in well with Lee's lifestyle and he is enjoying superior vapes thanks to blu. As he is enjoying vaping with blu he plans on trying out the other products in their range especially other e-liquid flavours. Just You & blu.

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Do you vape? Have you experienced #bluForYou? 

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