Monday 16 May 2016

The Creditplus family car survey.

Creditplus are a UK based car finance company that focuses on ethical lending and empowering customers with the information they need to make the finance choice that is right for them. Recent research showed that a large proportion of their customers were families. In a bid to find out more about what family’s want from cars, they asked me about my own driving experiences.

1) When you became pregnant, did you think about changing your car? If yes, what did you do? If no, why not?
Before falling pregnant I owed a beautiful Mexican VW Beetle. I loved it dearly; adoring its classic VW Beetle style, rockin' and beautifully noisy aircooled engine and its swiftness. My reliable Mexi-Bug was the car that Lee learnt to drive in when he moved down to live with me in the countryside in Wales from the city center of Leeds.

But when I fell pregnant I decided that my head must overrule my heart and that a more sensible, family car was needed. Whilst I know families who have loved and managed having a classic VW Beetle as their car even with a brood in tow, I felt that it was now longer the car for us and that my beautiful Mexi-Bug deserved to be loved by someone else. The main reason I decided on changing the car was the lack of space, the 'boot' at the front of the car would not handle shopping and a pram and in the hope of extending to our family in the future space would become even more sparse if that did happen.

Over the years since having Bug and after getting rid of my Mexi-Bug in the last few months of pregnancy, we have had a number of cars, small family cars to begin with and then last year when we were expecting our second child we decided a slightly bigger family car was needed and after careful consideration and lots of car shopping we opted for a Ford Focus Zetec.

2) How has driving changed since you’ve started your family?

Whilst I would consider myself to have always been a safe driver, having never had an accident in the 14 years I have been driving – touch wood – since starting a family I am a more vigilant and careful driver. Not only when the children are in the car am I sure to be safe and not take risks, even when driving alone I ensure I am driving safely, aware of other drivers and do not rush even if I am running late as I would hate to risk anything happening to me when I have a family I am responsible for.

Since staring a family my driving needs have changed from being predominately about using a car for getting to and from work, to the car being a way for us to get places and explore the UK on family days out and social events. As the children get older and their social calendar looks more impressive than mine by the moment I am swiftly transforming into the role of taxi driver mum.

3) Do you know how safe your car is?

I must admit I do not know the exact safety stats for our car however after talking to friends and family, and browsing the internet the Ford Focus seemed to be a popular family car that was often noted for its safety which was a driving force in our decision to get one.

We always ensure that the car is up-to-date with its MOT, services and get any issues fixed promptly by a trusted mechanic who is exacting in all things safety and security so that we know the car is mechanically safe and secure.

4) Have you considered changing your car further?

With 2 children now who have growing hobbies and demands, along with a desire to add the family we would love to change the car further. If we were ever fortunate and blessed with another child we would definitely change our car.

5) As a parent, what is the most important thing you consider when buying a car?

Safety, size and comfort. We need a car that is safe and is large enough for us all to fit in comfortably and safely, along with the everything we need to take with us on days out and holidays – which is usually a lot, think everything plus the kitchen sink!

6) What do you think would be the ideal car for your family?
To be honest I'm not sure as the car we have at the moment suits us well but if we are blessed with another children then a slightly bigger car perhaps a Vauxhall Zafira, Ford Focus C-Max or Renault Grand Scenic, or equivalent would be the best type of car for our family.

I found this survey rather interesting to answer, and it has got me reminiscing about my beloved Mexi-Bug and all the cars we have had since becoming a family with each and every car being part the memories of our family. For example our old Skoda Fabia was the car that took Bug on the 400 mile round trip to visit his dad's family in Leeds for the first time, and our current car safely transported Jelly Bean and I home from hospital hours after he was born.

Our car enables us to enjoy family life together and along with helping us complete errands and manage work demands, it means we can go on family days out anywhere and everywhere, take advantage of holidays across the UK and enjoy last minute, out of the blue trips to the beautiful beaches and wonderful woods which are within a short 5 minute drive from our home.

If you are looking to upgrade your car for your family, then Creditplus can help. Comparing over 100 lending options, we’ll get you behind the wheel of a car that’s right for you, your family, and your budget. Visit the Creditplus car finance website to find out more.

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