Thursday 30 June 2016

#BreakingBarriers - Bathing Solutions campaign to inspire seniors to learn new skills.

I've always been close to my elderly relatives and neighbours. I love spending time with the older generation and love their wealth of interesting stories of adventures and life over the years.

Of the older generation I know the ones who have thrived and been the most happy are the ones who have thrown the saying 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks' out of the window and had the desire and drive to learn new skills, do what they want, have adventures and simply live life to the fullest.

With the number of people living longer increasing every year so that the senior generation makes up a large proportion of our population I find it sad that negative stereotypes about seniors are still commonly viewed as correct. Yes there will be some of seniors who fit into the stereotypes commonly connected old people but thanks to advances in mobility aids, innovations and progression in healthcare and improvements in the standards of living seniors seniors are being given an improved quality and length of life that enables them to live life to its fullest, do what they want and brush off the stereotypes of old grumpy people who do nothing and cannot learn any new skills.

As I think the older generation have a lot to give to, should be respected and valued, and are more than capable in learning new skills or having new adventures, I think it is time that we stop looking at the older generation as incapable and encourage them to life live to the fullest and support their desire to learn new skills.

With that in mind I am delighted to see that Bathing Solutions who specialise in mobility bathrooms are empowering and supporting seniors to learn skills and are striving to break the social barriers for elderly people with their #BreakingBarriers campaign. 

As well as showing that the views about seniors should change and showcasing the successes and accomplishments of elderlies the #BreakingBarriers campaign aims to encourage and inspire seniors to learn a new skill.

Support the #BreakingBarriers campaign today!

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