Wednesday 8 June 2016

Random Acts of Kindness – saying thank you with Tesco Flowers.

Whilst I do love birthdays and Christmas for gift giving, I am a big believer in showing thanks and love to people throughout the year. Showing someone gratitude, kindness and love is a lovely gesture and whether it is through gifts or kind actions being kind, thankful and loving is in my opinion a beautiful way to live your life.

Not only does the act of being kind and loving to family, friends and strangers who have touched your life make the recipient of the random act of kindness feel happy and appreciated but showing you care and are thankful also makes you feel happy and good too.

In the busy world we live in it can be easy to overlook showing gratitude or forget to make the effort to show loved ones and strangers we care. Whilst I do like to show my thanks and love to others on a regular basis through kind actions (helping, complimenting and supporting) and small surprise gifts or treats, I do welcome any excuse to show kindness and gratitude to others.

So when Tesco Flowers recently got in touch with me about their exciting Random Acts of Kindness campaign I just knew this was a campaign I had to get involved with.

As part of the campaign they are helping me treat a person of my choosing to a lovely bunch of flowers from their range of flowers.

Image source - Tesco Flowers

Whilst there are many people who have touched our lives that are deserving of being thanked with flowers there are 2 special women in our lives that I always love to treat as a special way of showing our love and gratitude – the boys' Nana (Lee's mum) and Mamgu (my mum).

A blossoming bloom of flowers for Nana
As Lee's family live over 200 miles away it is very rare that the boys get to see their Nana in person rather than seeing her virtually or hearing her on the phone, in fact she has yet to meet or hold Jelly Bean! In spite of the distance between them she adores her grandsons and makes a special effort to keep in touch very regularly and spoils them with treats, gifts and money. Not only is she a fantastic Nana she is a fabulous mum to Lee and even though it meant not seeing him often she fully supported and encouraged him to move miles away to start a life and family with me.

Sending gifts and flowers to Nana is a way for us to make the distance between us seem less and to show her that we are always thinking of her and love her dearly.

As she loves roses I would send her a Rainbow Roses bouquet with love from us all. The vibrant and summery bunch of roses featuring 25 beautiful stems of red, cerise, white, yellow and orange is sure to put a smile on her face and brighten up her day.

Image source - Tesco Flowers

A beautiful bouquet of flowers for Mamgu
My mum means the world to me. She is always there for us. Not only is she an amazing mum who gave me a fantastic childhood and now is my best friend, she is also the best Mamgu (grandmother) I could have ever wished for for my children.

As Mamgu does so much for us I love any opportunity I get to show her we are thankfully and love her with all of our hearts and what better way to do it than a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

With a love of purple and rustic flowers I would love to surprise her with a Scented Stocks Jug from Tesco Flowers as the beautifully arranged hand-tied bouquet of scented flowers in the quaint zinc jug is would be a lovely token of our love.

Image source - Tesco Flowers 

Who would you send some Tesco flowers to?

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