Saturday 2 July 2016

Gift giving made easy thanks to

As someone who loves giving gifts to loved ones I always strive to give thoughtful gifts that the recipient will love. To find the 'perfect' gift I tend to start thinking well in advance of the occasion and spend a great deal of time looking for gift ideas until I find 'the one'. 

Whilst I don't shy away from pricier gifts and tend to be generous when gift giving as a frugal shopper who loves a bargain I always shop around to get the best price and deal. Searching for the perfect gift and then shopping around to get the best price whilst worthwhile as I get to satisfy my bargain loving cravings and get to give my loved ones a lovely gift can be very time consuming.

Thankfully I’ve recently come across a great site that helps cut down the time getting gift ideas and finding a bargain. is a clever website that as the name describes is a site for finding presents. The site sources gift ideas from a large number of different online stores. The site is filled with lots and lots of items, with an awe-inspiring array of items covering a huge selection of categories such as toys, homeware, gadgets, personalised gifts and experiences.

The beauty of the site is that you can get gift ideas and see the price and availability of items on select stores all in one place rather than having several tabs open on your browser that you have to switch to and from – I swear I always have at least a dozen tabs which I am constantly flicking between when searching for gifts which my laptop hates!

If you are stuck on gift ideas the site suggests new products and gift ideas for occasions and celebrations such as birthday, Mother's Day, anniversary, and so much more!

The present finder tool is also a very handy feature as you can get gift idea suggestions and narrow down your requirements by filtering gifts to suit recipient, price range and occasion. 

If you already have an idea of the type of gift or brand you want you can also search by keyword.

With Jelly Bean's first birthday fast approaching the site has been a lifesaver in finding gift ideas and getting a great price on lots of lovely gifts to give him on his big day. I will definitely be using the site again and again in the future, with it being well used at Christmas time!

The site is very useful when looking for gifts and with so many items on the site covering so many topics and interests there is something for everyone so that you can find a gift for all your loved ones.

Find the perfect present for your loved ones with 

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