Thursday 28 July 2016

Ravensburger Disney Frozen Race to The Palace Game review

As a family we love board games and puzzles. Playing a board game can be quality time together where we can enjoy simple fun and ditch the tablets and TV for awhile.

A big selection of the puzzles in the house that we love come courtesy of Ravensburger so when we were recently sent one of their games we were excited to give it a go.

The Ravensburger Disney Frozen Race to The Palace Game is aimed at little ones aged 5 years + and designed for 2 to 4 players.

The game includes -
* 1 game board – it comes as 4 separate pieces that are connected together to make the game board
* 5 character playing pieces
* 4 character chips
* 3 dice

How to play

1. Connect the board pieces together and add the stands to the character playing pieces

2. Place all the character playing pieces on the bottom of the board no matter how many players are playing. Then each player takes a character chip that is laying face down and keeps the character selected hidden so nobody sees who you have got.

3. Starting with the youngest roll the three dice and then move the character that corresponds to the colour and numbers on the dice. For example, if there is 2, 1 and yellow you would move the yellow character (Olaf) forward 3 spaces. If the white colour is rolled the player can decide to move any of the characters on the board. If the character piece lands on select spaces on the board the character has to either move back or is magically moved forward.

4. Continue up the board until one character playing piece has reached the castle, the player with that character chip them wins and if playing with less players and nobody has that character chip the player who moved the winning character piece wins. However, should Hans reach the castle first you all lose.

As a fan of Frozen Bug was excited about playing the game and he loved that key characters from the film were on the playing pieces.

The character pieces and chips are vibrant and the figures and faces are of high quality with keen attention to detail.

I appreciate the fact that the game board can be broken down to make storing it easier and more compact. However when Bug was playing the game with friends all of whom were getting a tad overexcited the game board pieces did not stay connected all that well at times but this did not affect the enjoyment or game play and with calmer play it did not happen.

After a quick read of the instructions and a little test game, the whole family quickly learnt how the game worked with Bug at 5 years easily understanding the game-play.

The game is great for helping develop manual dexterity, hand-eye co-ordination and encouraging simple maths with the addition and subtraction of numbers rolled on the dice to figure out how many spaces the pieces need to be moved.

Bug loves this game and I can't see him 'letting it go' from his games and puzzles collection any time soon.

The Ravensburger Disney Frozen Race to The Palace Game is available to buy from Amazon and all other good toy retailers priced at £9.99 (RRP).

* The Ravensburger Disney Frozen Race to The Palace Game was sent to us for the purpose of review *

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