Friday 8 July 2016

Stagecoach celebrating Catch The Bus Week

This week marks the national incentive 'Catch the bus week'. In its fourth year 'Catch the bus week' runs this week between the 4th July and the 10th July 2016.

The week is all about buses, with the 'Catch the bus week' campaign and bus companies celebrating and raising awareness of the benefits of taking the bus. Whilst almost 2.5 million people all over Britain already travel to work by bus and many consider the bus a vital lifeline that is affordable and accessible, the campaign aims to showcase the benefits of the bus and encourage people to use it so that they get more people on board!

There are many benefits to traveling by bus. They can provide a less stressful journey compared to commuting by car, they support the community and are vital for an inclusive society, are greener and kinder to the environment, are good for the local economy, and thanks to deals on tickets such as dayrider and megarider bus pass prices are affordable and offer value for money.

Stagecoach who are involved with 'Catch the bus week' have been looking at bus use and found out that on average we spend six hours per week commuting.

In those six hours, Stagecoach have worked out the average commuter could do ...

1. 12 Facetimes catch ups with friends and family using the free Wifi onboard.
2. In one year of commuting by bus, you could read about 52 books!
3. Bus commuters could learn French onboard in just half a year!
4. Bus commuters could watch every episode of Game of Thrones, Mad Men and Breaking Bad in a year!
5. You could knit 28 scarves a year!
6. Enough time to read 8,550 newspaper articles
7. A third of bus commuters listen to other people’s conversations!

What would you do with an extra 6 hours per week?

We love using the bus and before having my little ones I'd use the time on the bus to relax and read a book, now when traveling on the bus I get to experience the journey with my kids and watch them gaze in wonder at our surroundings and watch the joy in their eyes as they look at the world whizzing by as we travel on the bus......buses are pretty fun and exciting for kids aren’t they?!

Why not take a bus and see the benefits of using the bus first hand. Stagecoach operate across the UK, take a look at their map showcasing the areas covered and service routes here.

To celebrate buses and their benefits Stagecoach are currently running a social media competition asking participants to upload a picture that shows 'how they spend their time onboard'. The prize of a £100 amazon voucher will be awarded to the best picture. To take part in this competition check out their facebook page here.

Hop on a bus today and see the benefits of using the bus such as affordable bus fares.

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