Thursday 7 July 2016

Shower goals

Showers; the area of the house where we have imaginary arguments, solve all the world’s problems, sing like a superstar, cool down after a hot day and, of course, wash ourselves in!

There’s nothing worse than staying at a hotel or apartment that has a lacklustre shower; with little more than a trickle of water coming out of the shower head (in this case, it’s likely that they haven’t installed a decent grundfos shower pump) or mouldy tiles on display as you try to relax.

So we wanted to pay homage to four of the most luxurious showers from around the world that will have you wanting to upgrade your own bathroom to compete!

The Horizontal Shower

Imagine a shower that you can have a nap in? Well now you don’t have to thanks to this horizontal shower that you can actually lie down in. Perfect for those sleepy morning where you just can’t seem to wake up!

The temperature sensitive shower

At first they just appear to be regular tiles - but once the steam heats up, your shower gets a whole new look.

The indoor/outdoor shower

What better way to cool down on those hot, Summer days than with a bit of fresh air from the outdoors? Although, this is perhaps maybe an option for those without neighbours close by.

The Aquarium Shower

No one wants to sleep with the fishes, but shower with them? Yes please. This innovative design allows you to wash away your troubles as sea life swim close by and provide the ultimate tranquil shower experience for you.

What is your ultimate shower like?

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