Wednesday 20 July 2016

Team branding - uniting a team.

With a summer of sports, Euro 2016 and Wimbledon not long ended and the London Anniversary Games, Olympics, and Paralympics to look forward to interest in sports, supporting sporting men and women, and team spirit is at a high.

Regardless of the sport what unites team mates together is their kit. Team branding - the kit, logo and team motto – unifies a team and enhances camaraderie whilst providing supporters with a way to recognise their team and allow them to show support by wearing the same kit.

Looking at the benefit of team branding in sport, along with team branding in other activities, Firelabel are creating an infographic all about branding your team. When they asked me for my opinions on team branding it got me thinking about how team branding has influenced my interest in sports and enjoyment in activities.

Being a fan of football and a proud Welsh woman the Wales Football Team's recent success at the Euro's was a privilege and joy to watch. Along with their performance and skill on the field, what struck a cord with me was the Wales Football Team's team branding (the singing of the Welsh national anthem and memorable celebrations post match come a close second).

The kit with the dragon on the shirt united the Welsh team along with their strong and loyal supporters. Gareth Bale himself said 'the dragon on my shirt, that's all I need'. The dragon along with the simple yet effectively powerful motto of #TogetherStronger saw a nation united and proud of their team.

I believe the Welsh team's success and the supporters pride for their team, backing the dragon and the motto #TogetherStronger being integral in our support and belief in the team, perfectly showcased how powerful team branding can be.

Team branding unites team mates, enhances camaraderie, and encourages supporters to be part of the 'team'. Good team branding with a strong kit, logo and simple yet effective motto gives a team and the supporters a feeling of being strongly united as if a family, strength to succeed and a way to showcase their love and passion for the team.

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