Tuesday 30 August 2016

#bathtimemoments with HiPP Organic

HiPP Organic has a new addition to the family.

The renowned baby and toddler food brand HiPP Organic is launching a new baby care range.

As part of their #weanteam we had the exciting opportunity to exclusively try out the new baby care from HiPP Organic before it hits the shelves in early September.

The new HiPP ‘Free From and Ultra-Sensitive Baby Care range consists of the following products - Goodnight Baby Bath, Head To Toe Baby Wash, Baby Shampoo, and Foaming Hand Wash (and refill).

Goodnight Baby Bath with added calm – 350ml £2.99  
Specially formulated by baby skincare experts to be kind to delicate and sensitive, the HiPP Goodnight Baby Bath is free from PEG and parabens, preservatives, allergy-causing fragrances and paraffins. Designed to be ideal to be used as part of a calm bath and bedtime routine the new Goodnight Baby Bath contains sandalwood which is a calming fragrance.

Head to Toe Baby Wash – 400ml £2.99  
The Head to Toe Baby Wash has been created with a special formulation which is free from nasties, including PEG, parabens, Acrylat-polymers, preservatives and any allergy causing fragrances. Popular as a baby’s first babywash it is perfect to be used from first bath until a separate shampoo is needed.

Baby Shampoo – 200ml £1.29
Created to be extra gentle and delicate on the hair and heads of little ones the HiPP Baby Shampoo is free from anything sensitive that skin doesn’t like. The ultra-sensitive shampoo is free from PEG and parabens, paraffins, allergy-causing fragrances and boasts the ‘no tears’ guarantee stamp.

Foaming Hand Wash (and refill) - £250ml £3.49 and £1.99 for refill  
The Foaming Hand Wash comes with a cute little duck for dispensing the hand wash which makes hand washing easy and fun for little ones. Thanks to the foaming formulation the hand wash is great for independent toddlers. This product is kind of skin as it free from PEG and parabens, paraffins and allergy-causing fragrances.

As Jelly Bean is a little water baby who loves bath time and having lots of splishy splashy fun in the tub we wanted to share with you his #bathtimemoments as we tried the new range of HiPP Organic baby care products.

As Jelly Bean and his big brother too have sensitive skin I feel reassured that they can enjoy bath times that are gentle, soothing and kind to their skin thanks to HiPP and their new babycare range which is 100% ‘free-from’ nasties and ultrasensitive, no tears formulations.

All of the products are lovely and have been very gentle and kind on Jelly Bean’s skin. The Goodnight Baby Bath makes bubbletastic bubbles that are mild on the skin and help make bath times extra fun. The Baby Shampoo is gentle on Jelly Bean’s delicate golden locks and has helped keep them silky smooth.

With Jelly Bean having enjoyed lots of fun splishy splashy baths using the HiPP 'free from' Baby Care bath products he seems to have also given the products his seal of approval. 

The Foaming Hand Wash has been a big hit with Jelly Bean’s older brother Bug. He loves the fun and cute duck that dispenses the foaming hand wash that makes washing hands fun and easy. I know our new duck friend will come in handy when Jelly Bean gets older and were are teaching him the importance of washing hands….I am sure he will be used very often when potty training times comes!

What I love a lot about the Foaming Hand Wash is that refills are available for it. I appreciate the eco-friendly nature of refillable products and how it means you don’t have to buy a new ducky hand wash bottle every time you run out of hand wash…..at the rate Bug is using it that would be very often here!

HiPP Organic’s ‘free-from’, ultrasensitive Baby Care range is available exclusively at selected Tesco stores from the 6th September…….my Tesco best have it as we are hooked!

HiPP are passionate about making sure that every ingredient and product they produce is the best it can possibly be for both customers and for the environment. To find out more about the new Baby Care range take a look at the HiPP Organic UK website.

To celebrate the launch of the new HiPP Baby Care range HiPP Organic are offering my readers the chance to win a HiPP Organic product hamper which will include a selection of the new HiPP Baby Care range. To enter this giveaway please complete the rafflecopter below and share your #bathtimemoments

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