Tuesday 30 August 2016

Home improvements wish list

In a dream world I would win the lottery and be in the fortunate position to buy or build our dream home. Unfortunately we have yet to hit the jackpot and win big.

For the foreseeable future we will remain living where we are. Whilst we love our current home and it has many bonuses there are a few home improvements that I would love to do to make our home better than it is.

Here is my home improvements wish list -

Underfloor heating
Whilst not a must-must but more of a luxury I would love to fit underfloor heating in our home. having the feeling of warmth underfoot would be a divine luxury.

I also like the fact fact that underfloor heating provides consistent heating so that the room is heated thoroughly and economically.

As we park our car on our drive which is an open, uncovered space rather than a garage I would love to get a carport from 123v.com.

At the moment I am at the mercy of the elements when lugging in the shopping and getting the kids in from the car to the house. To make things easier and more comfortable a carport would provide weather protection. Being able to park undercover would give me sturdy weather protection from ice, rain, wind and snow so that I can get the shopping in without being battered by whatever weather thrown at me. It would be heaven to get the shopping in from the car to the house when it's raining without getting soaked!

As our kitchen is very old fashioned with 80s style (heck they may well be originals from the 80s) kitchen cupboards and tiles I would love to give the kitchen a makeover.

I hope to one day soon redecorate and revamp the kitchen and bring it up-to-date into a more modern era.. I would love to gut the kitchen and fit it with new cupboards and worktops in a modern country cottage design. Another must-have for the kitchen would be new tiles to complete the modern look of my dream kitchen so that it is fresh, stylish and homely.

Spa bath
Whilst I love our corner bath as it is so big and deep if I could I would love to have a spa bath. Whether it would be a case of fitting a new bath suite that boasts spa jets or a spa jet upgrade to our existing bathtub I would be over the moon to have a bathtub with spa facilities.

As I love relaxing in the bath especially when I have a lovely Lush bath bomb providing extra relaxation it would extra special to be able to enjoy and benefit from a spa bathtub in the comfort of my own home. The idea of having spa jets gently massage and soothe my ever achy muscles is divine and heavenly.

What are your dream home improvements? 

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