Friday 26 August 2016

Caring for your dog when you have a hectic family life

In our house our pets are thought of as part of the family. They are precious to us and we love and care for them dearly.

At the moment our extended animal family includes 2 goldfish and 2 dogs. Our dogs Trixie and Sassy are both fun, loving and friendly family members.

As we believe that being pet owners carries a big responsibility we ensure all their needs a met. Whilst we do our best to love and care for the, thanks to leading a busy family life with the important responsibility of having 2 young children to care for having and looking after pets especially lively dogs can be hard work.

Having been a dog owner for lots of years now since my childhood I have found a few ways to ease the hard work that comes with being a dog owner.

Even though our dogs are medium sized dogs and of senior age they are still very lively. To help keep them healthy and ensure they are not bursting with excess energy which would cause them to get into mischief we give them plenty of exercise and walks galore.

Like kids I have found that dogs respond well to having a stable routine.

To give our dogs routine and a sense of stability we ensure they are fed and walked at the same time each day. As we have a routine throughout the house the dogs also know our routine so know when we are out and when we are at home.

To keep our dogs healthy and well fed we ensure they are fed a healthy and nutritious diet consisting of grain free dog food.

To save the hassle of shopping for dog food and supplies during our food shop we shop online at one of the UK’s leading online pet food suppliers for dog food and accessories. Thanks to Feedem who are a family run business with over 20 years experience in all things pet I don't have to lug heavy dog food home from the shops and can save money on top brand pet food and accessories from the comfort of my own home.

Whilst we ensure our dogs have fun and play when getting exercise we also ensure they have toys, play time and stimuli to entertain them. Giving dogs time for play helps a dog be healthy, happy and loving.

As well as being good for their health and physical well being, play is also beneficial to their mental health and their relationships with loved ones as it gives them companionship and develops a bond between owner and dog.

Do you have a dog? What tips would you suggest for keeping them happy and healthy whilst juggling a busy life? 

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