Wednesday 3 August 2016

#TheSwimOfThings with George at Asda

Summer - the time when we all hope with baited breath for good weather and summer holidays filled with sunny days galore.

For many of us summers rich with sunny days evoke thoughts of the beach. Many of us long for lots of days spent at the seaside sunning ourselves on the sand and having a splash in the sea.

Days at the beach often mean donning swimwear - a thought that evokes dread in many (I can sympathise with them as I am one of these women), others relish the thought of slipping in their swimming costume or bikini and looking good on the beach, and then there are the ones who simply do not care how they look and see it as an item of clothing used to embrace the fun of the sand, sea and surf at the beach.

As this time of year is associated with swimwear George at Asda have been getting in with #TheSwimOfThings and researching the latest swimwear trends and finding out what women across the globe thinking about swimwear. To see the full results of their research take a look here.

They spoke to 4866 women from the six countries - Brazil, China,America, Britain, Germany and Australia - to find out how they feel about swimwear in particular swimwear style, advertising and how they feel about their bodies in swimwear.

Like the 48% of British women surveyed I am a fan of the full bathing suit - mine even had a little skirt trim for extra coverage and modesty. I was surprised to see that the current swimwear trend favours the swimsuit and tankini over the bikini.

Whilst I am learning to love my body and embrace it as it is flaws and all, putting on a swimsuit heightens the insecurities I do have - heck even a full swimsuit doesn't hide much.

Like the Chinese, Brazilian, British, Australian and German women surveyed who overwhelmingly worry about their stomachs I am most insecure about my stomach too.

Likewise I agree with the five of the six countries who said their biggest annoyance when shopping for swimwear was having to buy a different size for the top and another for the bottom half. Being top heavy with a full bust and larger on top compared to on bottom a bikini set is a no go size wise so I have to either look for mix and match bikini or tankini tops and bottoms or opt for the reliable swimsuit.

Whilst I do cringe inside at the thought of swimwear and how I look in it, I am better than I once was and learning to embrace and love my body as it is - heck it is thanks to my body that I have my beautiful boys and my tiger marks are worn with pride. I am learning to not care what I look like in swimwear and to relish the fun I have whilst wearing it especially whilst having fun and making memories on the beach with my boys.

What do you think of swimwear? What do you prefer the full swimsuit, bikini or tankini?

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