Monday 1 August 2016

Stretch Armstrong review.

Retro toys are all the rage at the moment. The Thunderbirds, Dangermouse, and the Teletubbies have all made a comeback.

Another character to have recently come back into the limelight is Stretch Armstrong.

Back in the 1970s Stretch Armstrong was a children's toy loved by many thanks to his super stretching ability.

Fast forward to 2016 and the iconic action figure Stretch Armstrong is back and looking like his classic self - blonde hair, square jaw, muscles on show and wearing his iconic blue trunks.

Standing at 30cm tall I was surprised by how heavy he is. He feels quite odd to touch, soft and squishy yet weighty.

What makes this classic toy from yesteryear special is his unique stretching prowess. Stretch can be stretched up to 4 times his own size without breaking. He can be pulled, twisted and tied up in knots. Regardless of how he is stretched, pulled, twisted and tied up Stretch returns to his original shape.

We did notice that it took Stretch quite awhile to return to his normal shape after being stretched, twisted and tied up rather than a quick re-transformation. Even though he is slow getting back to his normal shape and size once he does he looks as good as new. In spite of vigorous play - stretching and twisting galore - he always goes back to his original shape and size.

Bug has found it a little hard to get much stretch out of him, not having quite enough strength by himself alone to stretch him to 4 times his normal size. In spite of not managing to stretch the figure a lot he has found playing with Stretch fun. He has found it amusing to stretch and twist him into various shapes and positions.

As Bug is not interested in wrestling or fighting figures he did not embrace wrestling and fighting Stretch with other figures as I've heard other children enjoy simply enjoying transforming his shape.

Thanks to Stretch and his flexibility and stretchability this classic, simple toy is an amusing toy for hands-on, rough play and as he is so strong and robust I can imagine him lasting well and withstanding lots and lots of vigorous play.

The Original Stretch Armstrong can be purchased from for £19.99

* We received our Stretch Armstrong for free but our opinions are our own *

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