Saturday 22 October 2016

Blast those aliens! Megableu Alien Mission Evolution review.

Stemming from Bug's fascination and obsession with superheroes and enjoyment of seeing and reading about them defeating villains, Bug loves imagining he is a hero in is own right and is battling and defeating baddies. When off saving the day whilst wearing a totally awesome costume, Bug truly embraces the character of a superhero, with all the actions and sound affects!

As he loves battling baddies I knew he would be excited about trying out the Megableu Alien Mission Evolution game.

The aim of the game is to blast the aliens....blast them all!

The safe indoor play game comes with hi-tech goggles and matching blaster gun. The set requires 6 AAA batteries which are not included. The game is created for children aged 5+ years.

The goggles and blaster are very sturdy, durable and of great quality. Bug is able to fit the goggles on and set up the game all by himself for totally independent game play. Whilst the goggles look rather bulky and overwhelming when worn by Bug, he says they are comfortable to wear and are not heavy. Also even though the blaster is also sturdy it is not heavy to hold and is comfortable to hold and blast aliens with.

To fight off the alien evasion you have to synchronise the goggles and blaster for every round of game play. When setting up a new game players have an option of 3 different difficulty levels to play which is great for making the game accessible for younger and older children, as well as challenging children who have mastered the easier levels and find them too easy. After a quick demo Bug grasped the steps you need to complete to set up the games.

Once the game has been set up, strange sounds resonate from the goggles and aliens appear at random in the goggles as if they were in front of you. The player's mission is to stop the alien invasion by blasting all of the aliens with the blaster. If the player shoots on target and blasts an alien they are awarded points – 1 point for green aliens and 2 points for yellow aliens (the leader) -which are displayed on the blaster gun. When playing multi-player the aim of the game is to see who can get the most points at the end of the game. The game can also be played alone with 1 player as they see if they can beat their own personal best scores or try another difficulty level.

Bug loved that the aliens pop up on the goggles as if they are in front of him and has had lots of fun blasting aliens back into space to save the day from an alien invasion! This game is great fun for imaginative play and as it brings an alien invasion to life in our home it allows Bug immerse himself into the alien mission as a hero striving to save the day. The action of blasting with the gun and the alien invasion sound affects are a big hit with my little alien fighter!

Megableu sell a range of games for children that encourage fun, safe indoor play including new games such as Break Out and Giraf' Fun.

Thank you to Megableu for this game for Bug to play.

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