Monday 31 October 2016

Contacting companies with help from Contact Number UK

In-between daily life of caring for Jelly Bean and Bug, dealing with household chores and doing the shopping, work, and juggling school runs, baby groups and kids clubs I also have the mundane task of dealing with household paperwork and bills.

It feels as if most days I have to contact some company or another to deal with issues, query something, make a complaint or find out more information. More often than not it is not that simple to get through to a company either.

Whilst sometimes emailing or using contact forms can be a hassle free way of getting in touch with a company they are not always a reliable way to get help or an answer . Also when I need to deal with the issue and get help straight away or find something out urgently emailing or using a contact form is of no use as they companies are often slow replying this way with a few days waiting time - some companies do provide a reply within 48 hours but this is still not immediate.

I often find myself turning to social media when needing to contact companies about general queries and minor issues. Thankfully I have a good response from some companies on twitter, with them replying the same day and offering great and very helpful customer service.

Whilst I have personally had great experience of using social media for contacting companies it is only a handful of companies that this has been a positive experience with. Many companies do not provide customer services over social media or do not have active social media accounts.

This leaves me with having to call companies.

It can be so frustrating and tough to get in touch with some companies on the phone. Phone numbers are often wrong or have recently changed with the automatic message that says the new number speaking so quickly I can’t catch the full number. Automated systems don’t recognise my answers in reply to security measures or what help I need to ‘get me to the right department’. I seem to spend a ridiculous amount of time on hold listening to generic music that gets down right annoying. Then when I do get to speak to an actual person it is surprising how often I am talking to the wrong department and get passed onto someone else - with a little more being put on hold for good measure.

A phone call to a company often is an exhausting experience and with all the time spent on hold by the time I get to actually talk to a person and the right department Jelly Bean has woken from his nap or has gotten fed up of playing quietly by himself leaving me having to juggle the phone call with a loud and busy toddler.

I have recently been using Contact Number UK to get phone numbers and contact details for companies. This resource has been so helpful and invaluable, saving me time and stress when trying to get in touch with companies.

Contact Number UK aims to provide people with a quick way to get through to major companies and organisations in UK such as Amazon, HMRC, DWP and Sky. Thanks to their comprehensive range of companies and accompanying telephone numbers (and not just general numbers listed on company websites) people can find the right number to call which will help them get in touch with the right department quickly. Not only does the site help save you money but as they list telephone numbers that are lost cost rather than premium numbers it will help you save money on your telephone bill.

So next time you need to call a company of organisation in the UK and can’t find their number of want to make a more quick and affordable call, remember to take a look at Contact Number UK for the number you need.

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