Thursday 24 November 2016

Buying gifts for long-distant loved ones

Our little family is a blended family of English and Welsh. Yorkshire meets Ceredigion, Wales.

As Lee, a Yorkshire man born and bred, moved to live with me in Wales where we moved away from my family to another part of beautiful Wales we both have family across the country. Not only is our family living in either Yorkshire or Ceredigion either as naturally over the years other family members have spread their own wings and moved elsewhere too.

With family living all across the country and a few abroad too, Christmas and birthdays can be tricky to send loved ones gifts across the miles. Over the years and many gifts later we have found that sending gifts we have bought here can be very expensive thanks to postage costs, with the delivery charges often costing more than the gift itself! To save money on posting gifts we have found the below gifts a great alternative and a lovely way to show the ones we love that we care regardless of the miles between us.

For our friends and family who we know love flowers and plants sending a beautiful bloom of flowers via an online florist such as Bloom Magic Flowers is always received with happiness and appreciation.

Magazine Subscription
For loved ones who have a favourite magazine or a particular hobby we have bought them a magazine gift subscription. Getting their favourite magazine delivered straight to their door every month is a gift that keeps on giving.

Gift vouchers
As postage is so expensive we have found it best to send loved ones a gift voucher for their favourite shops so they can buy themselves whatever they want. Whilst it may take the surprise and originality out of a gift we have picked and bought ourselves it is nice to know at least they will get something they need or want. Plus the money we save on sending heavy, big parcels with gifts means we can spend a bit more on our loved ones.

We have found buying tickets for shows and events to give to loved ones is always a much appreciated and raved about gift. Sending them the tickets or a little print out of the gift to come is a lovely way to showcase the gift to them which they will enjoy at a later date for a fabulous day or night out.

What gift do you buy family and friends who live away from you?

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